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Dressing for a scooter ride

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by deyago, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Here's a serious thread to kick things off.

    What scooter specific gear is there to avoid looking like a complete and utter tool? Full leathers, although practical and the best protection just look plain wanky on a scooter. I gather you could always go for synth clothing but is there any scooter gear out there? Piaggio brand stuff or the like? When I go on holiday I want to look the part and not be ridiculed by other cooler scooter pilots, I hate have the urine extracted as much as the next guy.
  2. In a word....CASUAL. Or perhaps...SQUID :)

    Scooter riders don't want to bother with a full set of leathers, they like the old t-shirt/thong and open-face kind of deal...
  3. C'mon guys, that's all part of the scooter culture, the t-shirts, shorts skirts, high heels, etc. I mean, how much trouble can you get into at only 60 km/h? :?

    I hope they never find out........
  4. Interesting juxaposition. Scooters and serious

    A fibreglass shell to make it look like a bike.....?

    Hint: It's not the leathers.....

    Interesting concept - "cooler scooter pilots".

    Generally the "part looked like" is the bit the urine is extracted from.

    (Moves tongue to other side of cheek. Calls local CFA and advises flames likely in area).
  5. If you care about image and such, and are willing to sacrifice your safety as a result, try a loud hawaiian shirt, boardshorts, thongs and mirrored sunglasses. If you prefer safety, you'll not care how you look.

    I would say just as on your bike:

    boots that won't come off (although laces aren't probably so much of a concern)
    reinforced pants (draggins?)
    a decent motorbike jacket - synthetic or otherwise
    summer gloves
    good quality lid

    Maybe take the visor off your full-face lid and wear sunnies instead ? Not trading away much protection that way, but you'll still be nice and safe.

    We are talking full capacity scooters here (eg: 125cc up) as opposed to a 30kph top speed Scoopy, yes?
  6. I once saw a guy riding a scooter wearing full leathers. I must say, it did look funny. :D

    But if I owned a scooter, I would wear something like a dri-rider, draggin' jeans, full face helmet, motorbike gloves and boots. I'm thinking that the tar will feel the same whether going at 60km/h on a scooter or motorbike.
  7. This morning along Nepean Hwy, I saw a woman riding a scooter. She wore a primarily white (with blue outline colouring) tiger angel jacket that was matching with her bike and helmet, as well as a pair of primarily white leather gloves. Apart from the lack of boots (she was wearing fashion runners) I thought that she looked no different to most fullsize bike riders that I see.
  8. As always, dress for the slide, not the ride I agree but there are some other factors though that reduce injuries to scooter riders and their reliance on full protection.

    1 - your average scooter rider is not scraping the running board (or whatever its called) around corners.
    2 - your average scooter rider is not trying for a personal best time up at Reefton
    3 - your average scooter rider is not fitting an aftermarket pipe or remapping the engine to improve acceleration or topend speed.
    4 - your average scooter rider always has two wheels on the deck
    5 - your average scooter rider takes the most direct route from A-B
    6 - your average scooter rider is not at risk of having a high side
    7 - your average scooter rider has their bum lower than their head when riding
    8 - your average scooter rider doesn't have their mates ribbing them about the chicken stripes on their tyres
    9 - your average scooter rider isn't tempted to overtake other vehicles on blind corners
    10 - your average scooter rider is going so slow that they have time to see the small hazard in their way, stop the scooter and move it so it doesn't become a hazard for bikes.

    Given the licencing procedures these days the majority of scooter riders would have gone through training and got the safety drill. At the end of the day the choice is theirs in regards to what they wear.
  9. That's fine, until their choice impacts my insurance/TAC premiums. Skin graft anyone?
  10. So no dick togs and sun screen then? I thought the sun screen might help me slide down the road without abrasions? The togs are more a defensive device, my blinding white skin would force all other road users to the sides until I pass unharmed.

    But seriously folks, we may have an niche area to exploit if Alpinestar or Dainese don't beat us to it. Since mostly women ride scooters, why not market a Netrider T specifically made for women with some catchy scooty type slogan : "Scoot for a Root" or some such? Or something not so catchy....That'll be 15% of profits thanks Vic/Jason.

    Good boots, bike jeans and a good jacket and gloves wouldn' look out of place either.
  11. its better than mr business man wearing slacks , white shirt and black shoes with tie flapping in the wind.

    makes you want to grab hold of it as you go past :LOL:
  12. Well on the brightside , your premiums won't be going up because of the scooter rider doing
    40 odd plus above the speed limit.

    Or bragging how he gets 200 kph plus out of his bike , or how fast he/she can do reefton

    but at least the had the right trendy gear on

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Ok, thats fair as well :shock: ...But what would our insurance and TAC premiums be like if we were all to move off our high performance beasts and onto a 100cc scooter (wearing T-shirts or not?) :wink:
  14. Need to also retract item numbers 1 and 3...
  15. Well I'll be damned. You might soon have to retract point number 2 as well.

    Don't mess with the scooter patch club doing time trials up reefton. :moped:
  16. I've saw am "italian styled" cream leather jacket in a shop just down from Redwing Honda. Come to think of it I think they had matching pants as well.

    Alternatively I guess the range of Dragin Jeans and jackets might fit the bill as well.
  17. Oh my im posting in the scooter section :oops:

    Draggin also make the K-shirt which is " A sweatshirt made completely from 100% soft knitted Kevlar!®"

    I reckon if you want to go a bit more casual then this could be the go. Not the same as the leathers but better than a pair of budgee-smugglers. Also long sleeved to keep the abovementioned pasty bits hidden.

    At 200 smackos it aint cheap though but theres a cool pick on the draggin site of a bobsled team using them to stop ice burn. Oowies
  18. Was that scooter group in europe?, because it hasnt been that popualar in australia for all that long (scooting that is)