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Dress for the Slide, not for the Ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Knawful, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. I liked it anyway.
    Sorry if it's a repost.

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  2. Nice video..
  3. Nice shiver at the end.

    Being a better rider puts all the chances on your side.

    How you crash has as much to do with whether you live or die as the gear you are wearing

    What absolute crap about organ donation or not. That's the sort of thing I hear from those that would ban motorcycles.

    Most definitely be aware of the risks. What this video forgets is that by properly managing the risks you won't fall off, or at least are a lot less likely to fall off.

    I DO NOT want to be part of that scared and fearful class of riders.
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  5. I only know english so the little signs meant nothing, the video its self looked like ATGATT being pushed by the mummy squad.

    Know your limits, maintain your bike, ride sensibly, don't take unnescessary risks, give the nutters a wide birth, be vigilant and enjoy your ride.

    On the other hand, be fearfull, go out expecting an incident, ride like a loon, act like a wanker and even wearing a mattress with eye holes won't save you.
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    I'd agree with b12mick in that it is ALL about risk management.

    Consider this. (Scenario) You've just gone out and bought ALL THE GOOD GEAR. It's not too hot and you've got on the serious padded leather with armour in all the right places so go out for the first time and FEEL GREAT in all that stuff. Near immortality.

    How are you going to ride? How does the gear contribute to risk management really?

    Yeah right. Get a mate to work you over with a cricket bat in that gear and you will soon see how well it can protect you. - Hey it's pretty good against belt sanders for a VERY short time.

    Don't feel too bad, I'm sure most people feel that that way when they get some fine gear and don it for the first time.

    Most of risk management lies in what you do to not require it.
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  7. The Lighter Side ? :)
  8. Yeh, well maybe.

    Well I'm not tall or good looking enough to be Batman so Papa Smurf will have to do.

    Even so, Papa Smurf will NEVER ride a motorcycle without closed footwear and gloves and feels positively naked without actual boots and long, heavy dacks, and sleeves of some sort. As for the rest? Sometimes one needs to weigh up the odds, and consider what manner of clothing will provide how much protection and against what. The WHAT is often quite variable.

    What one does and where one goes when riding is often the biggest variable. There are choices. It is ironic that the one piece of compulsory wear protects the most significant risk factor. I'm with Highett here.

    ATGATT will not necessarily keep you out of the hospital or save you the cost of an ambulance ride, but will definitely save you suffering unnecessarily from many minor injuries. It is not for me to criticise what people choose to wear (or not). If they are just being stupid about it, it is well displayed.
  9. Dress for the ride and ride to avoid the slide.
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  10. fantastic :( riders telling other riders what to wear .