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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Hey guys - do any of you have recurring dreams? Or know anything about dreams?

    Every few mths I'll have a dream about a tidal wave. I'm almost always with my kids when it happens and I've only got a few seconds warning before the wave hits. During these seconds I'm gathering the girls and running for any form of safety, although our options are always limited and we end up getting struck and pulled under.

    Last night I woke from such a dream absolutely bathed in sweat and gasping. This time we were in an empty shop with big glass windows looking out towards the coast. There was a billiard table in there - lol - and that was it. I grabbed the girls and we ran for the table, but then I realised that'd be useless so we stood huddled behind the wall. Wave struck and smashed in the glass windows and we were swept away from each other. Room filled up with water very fast...I had my youngest near me but the other two were nowhere to be seen. Was swimming around under the water trying to find them..panicking because I knew we didn't have much time before our air supply was gone.

    In stepped a friend of mine - someone I haven't seen for quite some time. Someone I hold in high regard. He had my older two girls with him and he took me and youngest out and onto the street, where there was mayhem but we were no longer in danger. :? That's the first time I've dreamt of a 'savior'. All other times I've woken suffocating and crying because I couldn't find my girls.

    I hate these dreams. And yes, I've a bit of a fear of tidal waves. Always have. lol.

  2. Intense

    Hey you, wow pretty full on dreams, you must be exhausted when you wake up finally.
    I've heard that often it's the emotion, the feeling of a dream that is our best guide to what is going on our conscious life. People expend alot of energy in trying to ascertain what a 'wave', 'elephant', 'car', etc. symbolises however it's the feelings felt that can be our best indicator. In daylight we often block our emotions, keep busy, deny, deny, but in dreams those emotions can rise to the surface unchecked by logic or rationality. The subject matter can be quite irrelevant sometimes and often obviously allegorical. It can sometimes be a difficult task to accurately name an emotion and differentiate it from other similar, subtly nuanced, feelings.
    So rhetorical question for you; what are the overriding emotions you are feeling in each of those dreams? Are these feeling changing over time? What connections can you make between your dreamings and your life? Can this link add to any clarity when viewing your current situation?

    Anyway, enough deep stuff? Hope you pulled up well after Eden? Don't know anything really about your situation, but wonder if your 'saviour' is red and shiny and loud and empowering and has led to a good, healthy connection with like-minded people?
  3. stump knows dreams

    you are begining to admire cirtain aspects of yourself

    you are at a point in your life where you need to make a choice,

    you're emotions are out of control and need to be put in check.


    the dreamer is the best person to figure out a dream, here's how;

    the other night stump had a dream where she opened a camera and pulled the film out before it was due to be removed and away from a dark room setting.

    in my waking life i was at the start [although, i thought i was near the end] of "exposing" the psyche of a now x friend. i figured out the BPD [borderline personality] part but little did i know there was more to find.
    which i found the following day thru careful thought alone.

    go here

    but be warned, the dream dict doesnt mean much without the dreamers personal interpretation


    by the way, i know how a dream like that can effect a person *hugs*
  4. I dream a lot. Don't worry, they're harmless and simply a way for your mind to organise itself (like defragging a computer I suppose).

    If this is the first time you've been saved and know the kids are safe, then I'd say you feel safe and secure whereas in the past you haven't. That's just my guess and you'd know more about it than anyone. :)

    I find I have very disturbing dreams when my anxiety levels are high. Often I won't remember them but simply wake up feeling highly uneasy. The ones I do remember have been about drowning, being strangled or crashing something. I remember these cause they wake me up. Sometimes they can still seem very real and I have had to search the house for intruders (or giant spiders :LOL: ) before being able to go back to sleep.

    When I'm happy and not anxious however, I find my dreams are pleasant, usually involving surfing, riding and spending time with friends. I like those ones better. :)
  5. Don't lie Rosie...it was about me wasn't it?

  6. Saviour figure....

    maybe it's an indication that things are starting to work out better for you? That everything will be ok?

    just my interpretation, never really looked into it much. My dreams are just mixed up and wierd.

  7. Awww..... giant spiders need love too.....

    Nobody loves the giant spiders :cry:
  8. Let me qualify this before I go any further. I've had dreams therefore I must be an expert!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    I just wonder if the empty shop is the buisness venture you have been thinking long and hard about lately and the "saviour" might have something to do with getting this all off the ground and into reality.

    If so, fantastic, look forward to visiting your shop.

    If not, I know shit about dreams.
  9. Heya Rosiekins, my take on it is that you feel a bit out of control re the older girls, that they are being snatched (growing) away from you and you have no way of stopping that.

    In reality they are starting to be a bit more independent, growing up etc and becoming their own person. You have lost some of that parental control :?

    But you have seen that this is only temporary, that they will be return to you :grin:
  10. Rosie my best female friend(apart from Carri) used to live at Torquay and I seem to recall her describing to me a recurring dream she had a lot,that had VERY similar theme's to yours, and she has kids around same ages as yours.Your near ocean too.I will drop her a line and get her interpretation.
    Maybe its a locality thing?as she could often hear the surf at night in the distant background if the weather was fierce.Sometimes dreams are just a jumbled bunch of bollox,sometimes they seem to be an insight.
    If I have nightmares or bad dreams Im usually overheating and way to hot.You did say you woke up sweating?
  11. hmm...game plan for next tidal wave dream: Wish some surfboards into it and kick some butt. :twisted:

    The sound of surf could def be a trigger - almost always lived near the sea and been able to hear the waves. Movin - I'd be interested to hear more about your friends interpretation of it. Don't think it's me being too warm - if anything I'm a little too cold.

    It's def emotionally based...the panic at losing the girls. Hit the nail on the head I think cruisingal.
  12. no worries rosie, always happy to help ;) :p

  13. :-k :? :?

    OH!! hahaha.... ya goose! :LOL:
  14. Dreams are our subconscious mind attempting to connect to our conscious self...

    Dreams are created from the "autistic" part of our brain.

    My personal opinion is that those dream sites are complete BULLSH!T.
    It is only the person who has the dream who can interpret it.
    (Of course there are some generalisations)

    Whatever you dream doesnt mean that its going to happen, its shown to you in a way that you have to decipher that relates to what is going on maybe in your life and the thoughts you go to sleep with.

    I was once also told that whenever someone who is familiar to you is in your dream, its not necessarily them, but they are a representation of a part of you.
    Now trust me, when that was told me i thought it was BS...
    I used to have a reoccuring nightmare about my my dads wife and i had such hatred for her that there was no way i could relate any part of my being to her until i really got down to the core and understand now, that as much as i disliked this woman, her and i did have something in common....
    my father....

    I spent several years in councelling and my counellor worked a lot with my dreams and i think its one of the most powerful tools available each and every on of us...

    Rosie, just a little tip.
    I keep a book and a pen next to my bed and whenever i wake up remembering a dream, i write it down.
    Now when its pitch black, 3 am and im half asleep, deciphering my own writing is hard enough :shock: :LOL:
    I then read it over and think about the things in my life and next to it, write down my own interpretations.

    Good luck :)
  15. Miss dj said:
    I like this idea..but I just can't see the image of myself in this person. Perhaps the person I'd like to be...? They have a strength and calmness about them which I seem to be lacking of late.

    This dream has been at the back of my mind since I had it. Has changed how I'm feeling and made me look inward. I'm yet to fully understand the meaning behind it, but perhaps with time and thought, it will come. In the meantime I'm going to go see my friend - one thing I did realise from this dream is how much I miss him. :(
  16. Last night I dreamed that Scootergal76 was the star of a sitcom set in her coffee shop and we were all invited to the filming. :)

    I've no idea how to interpret that but figured I'd share anyway. :)
  17. :-k make sure you take an extra dosage of the red pill tonight Seany =; NOT =; I repeat, not, the pink one :LOL:
  18. Oh God...don't tell me you woke up in the coffee shop... :p :LOL:
  19. Luckily, no. :) But I did fall out of bed at some stage and woke up when I hit the floor. :? I can't remember what that dream was. :(
  20. I had three last night :shock:

    First I got the bill for my car accident...it was only $1k...yeah..only...I can hope *crosses fingers*

    2nd involved seany :LOL: We were working at a High School, which we'd both attended as students years earlier. I DID actually work at my old High School for a while...However I'm 99.9% positive Seany wasn't there :p :LOL: Get outta my head! :p

    3rd my pappa died...but I got his bike...(only a 2fiddy)...I just woke up going :shock:

    I rarely remember my dreams...to have three and remember them all is bizarre :?