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Dreaming: Belt/Shaft Driven Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fmu, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Tell me I'm not dreaming...please?

  2. The Buell Lightning (belt driven) or the BMW K1200R (shaft driven) is about all you will get.
  3. Yamaha never bought the BT1100 Bulldog out to Australia, I would have bought one, Shaft drive XV motor in an fzr style chassis
  4. BMW F800S is also belt driven, but not sure it qualifies as a street fighter tho
  5. [​IMG]

    There you go - all you need to do is find a suitable GoldWing!
  6. The original Honda NT650 was a shaft-driven naked - it was only later on they slapped fairings on it (and turned it into the Deauville). Or you could always build your own out of something like a Yamaha XJ900.
  7. I was hoping that they just plain didn't exist, rather than they *do* exist just not here. Thanks mate, now I will cry myself to sleep :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. buell XB12R

    hot bike, nimble, belt drive, does easy mono's, easy upgrade from 100-130 (or even 160 :shock: ) horses.
    front brake is the best there is for stoppies, excellent use of space with the swingarm resevoir.......
    i know i like 'em :grin:

  9. i can't tell is my old gsxrwing prettier or uglier

  10. Look up Vmax...20 years of customising avaliable.
  11. Of course!!! The old Buells completely slipped my mind!
  12. I do have a soft spot for the Vmax, the looks are nothing short of classic but I have a feeling that going from a 250 to a 1000 might start some tongues wagging let alone a 1200 :LOL:
  13. Get a Hyo GT650, then get a Hyo GV650. Take the running gear form the GV (belt driven cruiser) and tranplant onto the GT. Then get bar-end mirrors and new spotties to replace the headlight... :LOL:
  14. Now there's a custom built streetfighter! :cool: :cool: :LOL:
  15. And all for less than 20 grand!

    What about getting a crashed Deauville and doing it yourself?
  16. Yep the NT650 can also be sourced as a grey import (named the Bros in Japan) - and like the Deauville it's LAMs legal.
  17. oooooo I barely managed to tighten my chain let alone something of those proportions :eek: :LOL:

    I do have another question though: WHY ISN'T THE FZ1N SHAFT/BELT DRIVEN!!!!11!1!!111 (yes, it did need to be shouted). A bike that has sooo much potential (de-tuned R1 engine), looks teh hawtness and the 2006 model is going for cheap new. Why do I say it has potential when I am afraid of a spanner? I take baby steps lol. If I can get a working bike, preferably really fast, I would like to do stuff to it over time :p
  18. Bargain of the year: get one Hyosung for the price of two!
  19. If you want to get crazy, the GTR has the same (but detuned) engine as a large Ninja. Throw the Ninja donk into a naked GTR and you might have a half decent place to start. Dropping teh fairings and supports off a GTR would easily shed 20+kgs too. Would be a cheap project.

    Regards, Andrew.