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Dreamfit motorcycle for paraplegics - Wayne Rainey's number?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, May 15, 2008.

  1. Lenna's been looking at the Dreamfit bike as a way of one day getting back on 2 wheels, so I thought I'd get in touch with the bloke that makes them and do a write up:


    As it turns out, these guys aren't far off the capability of going into production with a bike for paraplegics. They need investment, and the guy would dearly love to get in touch with Wayne Rainey to give him a ride, or maybe even get him on board as a dream endorser.

    So... Anybody have any idea how to contact Wayne Rainey? Feel free to post this around to other forums, what a great thing it would be if we could make this happen.
  2. Now that's a good idea :idea:

    Good Luck Loz !!
    BTW, who's Lenna? ( excuse my ignorance )
  3. great read loz, yeah it's a shame about huge waits to get one of them though :(
  4. Well, there's only a prototype in existence at the moment. Darren told me that with the new facility and workshop they'll be in a position to go to production - but they need investment. In his own words, he can't afford to buy ten bikes to modify, and the R&D involved in doing a single bike amounts to a huge amount of money, particularly where the stabiliser wheels are concerned, that's a huge challenge to get those situated in the right spot, mounted strongly, working well, providing the right support and feeling right.

    On another note, thanks to Zilly's sleuthery, we've now got a postal address for Wayne Rainey care of Laguna Seca raceway, where he's a board member, and a phone number for same. I'm passing them on, well done Zilly!
  5. :-s hmm.... that interesting :-k