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Dream Website

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Araid, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. At work and wondering around on the internet I found a dream site that I can spend hours on just dreaming of winning the lotto. Please tell me I am not the only one that will go to sites like these and just dream. [-o<


    Cars , Bikes , Houses , Planes , Yachts - What more can you want?

  2. Way to f*cking depress me man. Thanks...
  3. I feel your pain. ](*,)

    Just had to share the place other than NR I can spend hours.
  4. I do the same thing but with travel, I'm usually backpacking on the cheap so my dream is to do a posh 5 star tented safari in Africa. If I won the lotto, that's what I'd do.
  5. Had a friend working for one of those in south Africa. Their motto was along the lines of 'if you are willing to pay for it, we can organise it'

    Apparently they would often organise international acts to play a concert for 20 people.

    Me thinks we'd be talking a little more than a meer 1st division lotto win.
  6. Africa is not expensive to travel if you know someone local that can do the bookings and organising for you. Allot of the international websites have different prices than the locals get and you get double charged.

    Oh and learn some Afrikaans before you go and even the shops will give you way better prices.

    I am looking to head back to South Africa for a 2 week holiday in November. Easy for me tho as I use to live there and still have all my family there. Kruger National Park is on top of my places to visit for safari.
  7. I know, I spent 9 months there (East, Central and Southern Africa), and I learnt Swahili and a bit of Chichewa rather than Afrikaans - I found my terrible Dutch worked ok. I caught public transport the whole way around (with exception of Namibia) which is why I'd like to do it no-expenses-spared the next time :) I miss Africa.
  8. To be honest I have only been to Swazi land other that South Africa in the 21 years I grew up there. Kruger Park was about 4 hours from our place and we travelled the rest of South Africa over and over. Use to camp and safari allot.

    I tried to learn more languages while I was there but having 24 national languages it was hard as every second person talked something ells. Did get some Zulu and Xhosa but father being Afrikaans and mother English they were standard.

    Miss Africa, only those that has been there will understand. Totally different feeling to any other place I have been.
  9. Know what you mean, it left its mark on me, and there is nowhere else like it.

    It also left me with Giardia, buts that's another story ;-)

    BTW I got given half a kilo of Biltong today coincidentally... guess what's for lunch & dinner!
  10. bastard !

    My missus saw that necklace worth nearly $1 Million and I can't even afford to get her one from Cashie's !
  11. *just melted into my chair*

    That site is heaven !!!!
  12. I just bought a bizjet, an Aston Martin, some jewellery and a holiday in Iceland !

    Then I woke up......
  13. Some of the stuff is just overkill. I switch the site to about the lotto money. Fun to see what you can afford in that "what if" situation.