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Dream Theater in Australia

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by The Snow Dog, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. #2 flexorcist, Nov 19, 2007
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    aaaaaaaah man.

    why is it a constant re-occurence that great musicians can make such crap music.

    talent/tightness/technical ability= 100%
    style/ability to make a good song from good riffs= 0%

    example - [media=youtube]lNp4tMcpM10[/media]

    has some great potential. but man, those boys know how to make everything sound like it's from 1984
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  4. Man, I was a heeeeyooooge fan of their awaka dna images and words discs.

    As soon as the keyboard player was replaced, they turned to shit for me.
  5. Really, you don't even like A Change of Seasons or Scenes?

    I can understand why Falling Into Infinity might put some off but I still reckon even it's got some great stuff like Peruvian Skies, Hell's Kitchen/Lines in the Sand and Trial of Tears.

    I do miss Moore's lyrics though...
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    :LOL: Does all of this mean you're not coming? :wink:

    You might like the two instrumental Liquid Tension Experiment albums then. Meat Jr is obviously banished and Myung replaced with Tony Levin
  7. Yep, although I'm still sulking about missing Muse. Do you have Maiden tickets?
  8. The girlfriend went to Muse. I didn't, just dropped her off and picked her up from the city - I like 'em, but aren't a fan of ALL their songs.

    We both have tickets to Maiden, yes :)
  9. Let me know if either of you find a Maiden song you don't like. :wink:
  10. I rode to the movies last-night in T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, singing The Clansman the whole way ;)
  11. I loved ACOS - but that was all written when the original band was together, Sherinian only played what was in front of him.

    Sherinian, by the way, is the man I hold personally responsible for turning OTV into a shitty metal band.
  12. but rudess has been on keys for a while and sherrinian is playing with malmsteen now which proves he sucks.
    Chaos is however one of the best albums in a while.
    would be very cool if they did number of the beast as a surprise gig again.
    i really need to find that!
    And yes i'm going :grin:
  13. Ill be trying my best to get tickets for this

    Being a drummer im a big fan of old Mike, One of the better drummers I have seen.
  14. there will be general admission and seated tickets as well as the premium ones at about 350.
  15. True, and I remember him talking, in an interview, about how intimidating he found both ACOS and the back catalogue when he first joined. :)

    I couldn't comment but I certainly don't hold him responsible for any 'directional change' in DT - I believe that's mostly due to Portnoy's desire for "Metal God" status and Myung's refusal to speak.

    However, these things aren't always as obvious as they seem. For years I held Collins responsible for destroying Genesis but I'm now convinced it was actually all bloody Banks' fault.
  16. I'd prefer something they haven't done like Hemispheres perhaps.

    Chuck 'em a couple of bucks: http://ytsejamrecords.com/
  17. Apparently Portnoy disagrees. I suspect they give it more thought than KevMo. :wink:

    "For the record, IMHO (and the rest of DT as well - coincidentally, we happened to be talking about it today as we were in Istanbul) - both Kevin Moore and Space Dye Vest are both very overrrated and get waaaay more acclaim, attention and credit than they deserve....

    We've been friendly, polite, open-minded and nostalgic by inviting him 3 times to perform with us (as well as contribute to the Score documentary and the upcoming DT biography) and we've been turned down time and time again.
    We can only be rejected so many times before becoming insulted...

    If he insists on turning his back on his past, then I guess so will we....
    It's been almost 15 years already since he quit...it's time to get over it!

    In any case, the invite no longer stands....Kevin No Moore...

    We're way happier now anyways...(and I assume he is as well as he wants nothing to do with us), so there's your happy ending!! We ALL win in the end!!!

  18. Man, band politics just get nasty, it's hard being in a group with 5 big egos, each a giant in their own field, each with a very strong view of where the band should go. I'm not surprised this one ended in bad blood...

    But everything I've heard since Moore left has been shite. To me, anyway. The sorta crap any dunna nunna band with the ability to play in 7 could do.
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    Fair enough but I reckon (ignoring any general musical value or lack thereof) that something like ZhedP71N9gQ[/media]]Dance of Eternity requires a little more 'playing' than that. :)