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Dream Road - Melbourne Folks

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Garido, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Did a trip with a couple of friends from Warburton via Reefton to Marysville. It's an absolute blast of a road. Great for sport bikes and sport tourers (don't take your Harley there!). Over 20 km of constantly windy, narrowish road. Don't hug the centre line too much, in particular if going through a ride turn bend.

    A must for every passionate sport rider! And at the end you can support the lovely people of Marysville by having a cupa at the bakery!
  2. Ahh the spur...
  3. Yup. I avoid it like the plague these days.
  4. Been there, Done that .. on sportsbike and cruiser!!!!
  5. Most policed regional road in vic just about... last summer at least anyway
  6. Been there done that as well. Once on a VERY wet day. :) Had a blast.

    On a cruiser. :)
  7. Few cruisers that day!

    Great road, I always do mid week - less traffic ( so I'm not holding up quicker riders on my cruiser and less interruptions from PoPo)

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  8. Can I mention a little-known street to anybody who wants a coffee. I think it's called Lygon :wink:
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  9. LOL, even us from up north in NSW know about this road.

    Try also the Black Spur, the GOR and the GAR.
  10. Hey all,

    Thanks for all your comments. I know it's a well known road amongst bikies, but there's always new folks joining and getting into the community. Thought it well worth mentioning for all new users.

    Any other suggestions around Melbourne, glad to hear about it!
  11. Yeah. It was awesome fun that day. Might have to revisit including a stop at the coffee shop.
  12. The Black spur is a terrible road. Lots of traffic, lots of campervans, lots of idiots.
    Reefton spur is off the hook....If you go down through Launching place its a nice road, just gotta watch for debris on the road.
    Up through Healsville, and up the spur, down to yea and back.

    Had some great rides, I made a google map of my ride...let me share it hang on.
  13. wow, maybe we should all go to this new road and race eachother- we can even film it and put it on youtube.. so that all future riders will have to avoid it because of all the over policing.
  14. Over Policing?

    Its just policed because it seems alot of people do stupid speeds down there. You can enjoy these roads by riding on the speed limit.
    If you want to be a super cool racer, dragging knees on these roads, then i suggest you go to a track....
  15. That wasnt a personal attack btw. General attack! LoL.

  16. You should see those damn squids out there as well!
  17. LoL!
    Squids dont bother me. If they come off, they only affect themselves...
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  18. Reefton is not too bad, the black spur is a lot worse.
  19. Well the black spur is virtually the hub everything else connects into. From there can go to kinglake, marysville/reefton or up through yea etc. I assume the cops figure they will get highest hit rate targeting that bit.