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Dream Machines

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by E-kola, May 29, 2005.

  1. Being new to this forum, This subject no doubt has been done before but however it would be interesting to see what u think on this subject

    What would be your dream bike, your dream classic bike, and your dream car.

    I was thinking along the lines of mechanical bikes by the way

    Mine would be, Present day? I guess one of these 1200R B.M.W.s
    An older bike?I always lusted after a B.S.A. Rocket Gold Star or a Vincent Black Knight (I'll have both please sir)

    Car?????????? Aw I think one of these Mercedes M.L.500s but repowered by Brabus

    What do I have
    The bike is a TRX
    The car is a Kia Carnivore
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  2. bikes?
    the bike from AKIRA or
    the dodge v12 powered motorbike(forgot what it was called)
    and the car from mad max. or the beetle from the cars that ate paris. classic
  3. Mmmm, interesting question.
    Current motorcycle would be the Honda NR750, oval piston high tech unobtainable bike. Absolutely no question here.
    Classic bike would be any Vincent I guess, just cos they were the superbikes of the 50's, but they were very modern for their time and didn't suffer from the unreliability of their contemporaries.
    Current car would be a Holden Calibra 4WD Turbo with the 6 speed gearbox. Right out of left field I know , but I owned a 2.0 litre un-turbo'ed one for 3 years and I loved it.
    Classic car. No question. A Gordon Keeble. A British classic of the 1960's. English fibreglass body and Aston-like interior with a Chevy V8 engine. Only 99 of them were ever made, most are still going and they almost never appear for resale.
    Someone's going to take me to task over the fact the NR750 and the Calibra are no longer made so can't be called "current"
    D'uh, I KNOW that; I am using the term to distinguish contemporary vehicles from those considerd to be classics.
  4. dream bike = Rossi's M1
    dream classic bike = 2004 Honda goldwing :LOL:
    dream car = some massive GMC/Ford AmeriUte that can carry both
  5. I would like a 'busa one day!
    classic bike would be a 1960's era BSA, like the one used in the pommy TV series "Heartbeat"
    only one car? I wouldn't mind one of those new Ford F6's, most torque out of a car built in oz!

    but all I got at the moment is a CBR250RR, and a Pajero!
  6. Current bike: R1 or Warrior...probably the Warrior
    Classic bike: Ducati 750 or 900 SS

    Current car: Ariel Atom 2 Supercharged with Aussie RWC
    Classic car: Audi Quattro Sport S1 Gruppe B

    "I wish I could have" bike: Suzuki G-Strider
    "I wish I could have" car: Maybach Excelero but with a sequential instead of an auto
  7. My dream bike would be an Aprilia Mille Factory...

    Dream classic bike would be the bike from the movie..."How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"...

    Dream car would have to be the swedish supercar...the Koenigsegg CCR
  8. That would be a titanium 2005 ZX6R 8)
  9. Dream Current Day Bike: 999
    Dream Classic Bike: Triumph Bonneville
  10. I would like the

    Honda VFR 800
    the big bore Across Handbag

    Cheers 8)
  11. Current bike? If the rumours are true, and Enfield is going to re-release a 750 Interceptor, then that would have to be the bike for me. 750cc of lumpy vertical twin? YES PLEASE!

    Cars...hmmm..never thought about it really. 1964 Mini Cooper S 1275cc, I think.

    Classic bike? Velocette Venom, or, if they're out of stock this week, I'll take the Aermacchi Ala d'Oro 125cc - a Harley Davidson that won a Grand Prix (ridden by Australian John Dodds, Nurburgring, 1970).
  12. Current bike: VTR1000 Firestorm
    Classic bike: Electroglide or Goldwing

    Current car: Falcon gl
    Classic car: Lambougihi contach (same as from the cannon ball run movies)

    "I wish I could have" bike: Suzuki 1999 hayabussa
    "I wish I could have" car: Lambouginhi contach
    (same as from the cannon ball run movies)
  13. How would you be able to hold up an electoglide or goldwing , u have enough trouble holding up the firestorm in front of bike shops. :LOL:
  14. Current bike-K100
    Classic bike: Bruff Superiour

    Current car: Kombi
    Classic car: 48 Caddie or a Lincoln Zepher

    "I wish I could have" bike: Any new BM
    "I wish I could have" car: The biggest Winnabago with the lot you can get
    CLASICK: SUZUKI A100 ('1973 MODEL)
  16. Current Bike DucatiST2
    Current car Subaru Liberty 3.0R Bspec

    Dream bike Ducati green frame ss 750
    dream Classic car Lamborghini Countach gtr
  17. Dream bike: Brand-spankers jet black Goldwing with ALL the trimmings.

    Classic bike: The 1978 Norton Commando 850 that Resches are giving away.

    Dream Car: 1960's Benz 230SL, deep purple custom paint, black soft top, scarlet fluffy interior, fully loaded sound system pumpin' Marley, white wall tyres, hydraulic suspension, LPG conversion, number plate: "SMO:00V" (Taken already unfortunately.) 8)
  18. Current bike: Ducati Paul Smart Replica
    Classic bike: Maroon '91 ZXR750

    Current car: Nothing
    Classic car: Circa late 70's/early 80's Citroen CX (especially if it is the Maserati version)
  19. Dream bike: 1000 S DS

    Classic bike: GPZ100RX (a red one please)

    Dream Car: 306 GTI