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Dream bike :) k8 Gixxer 750

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by TassieRider, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Dream bike :) k8 Gixxer 750 **NOW WITH TRACK PICS**

    Hi guys, thought I would share my new pride and joy!

    Flicking through the trading post recently I found an immaculate K8 GSX-R 750, very low kms, Leo Vince pipe, Oggy knobs, ventura rack (about to be removed until needed) exactly the colour I was after and it was in the same suburb as me!! Assumed it was fate and bought it =D So happy with it, lovely linear power, heaps of grunt steers beautifully - hitting the track this weekend with my mate on his K4 750!! Can't wait! Just did an oil and filter change today (hence the photo with the LHS fairing removed) so she's ready to go!

    Here's a few pics for you (sorry, it's a bit dark in my garage):



    Thanks for looking!!

    TRACK PICS: All comments/tips from experienced riders encouraged thanks! This was my first ever trackday on a brand new bike, had sooo much fun, going back very soon!!

    Only teensy cicken strips now...







  2. Nice one!
  3. I've always felt that the 750 was the pick of the crop. A mate let me ride his K7 down the OPH a couple of years ago and I was sold. Congrats.
  4. Congrats on a great ride mate ! I owned a K7, Blue/White about a year ago...still miss it. Enjoy and safe riding.
  5. Looks great mate, nice pick-up.

    Look after her on track and she'll look after you.
  6. What a nice bike you have there. Yes, it must have been fate.
  7. nice bike and importantly in the proper suzuki colours
  8. Awesome bike :) Never been the biggest fan of the blue-white but they look good in person / on the road. Would prefer a more simple colour mix with less lines etc but the point is the bike goes hard and loves the corners :)

    Spend some time dialling in the suspension to suit you, so much better for turn in and line changes.
  9. wow, you could eat off that thing its so immaculate. Sounds like a good buy.
  10. Thanks heaps for all of the nice comments guys!

    Just made the booking at the track for this Friday :D can't wait to ride her in anger (only mild anger of course, nobody likes a pranged new bike!!) Hopefully will come back with some cool pics of her in action!

    Thanks again! :biker:
  11. New pics from track in the first post, please provide advice on body position etc, all opinions welcome!!
  12. Looking at those pictures your form looks quite good. Just keep practicing.
  13. Yeah, looks Ok to me, although I'm far from expert. In a couple of shots it looks like you could get your bum a bit further off the seat, and thereby get the rest of you a bit lower and further out, but it's hard to tell what the specific corners are like.

    Love a track day tyre!
  14. Dont you just love it when a plan comes together..

    Congrats and enjoy the new wheels.
  15. I like the track tyre pic as well -- good effort
  16. Thanks again for all of the positive replies guys!

    Yep I probably could get my bum a touch further across, think I need to open my hips a touch more as well, aside from that just gotta wind up the pace and crank it over a bit more :D

    Second time out I will be more confident to push it a bit harder as I'm pretty sure I'm nowhere near the limits of the bike or tyres. Spent that first day really concentrating on turning late and fast and cracking the gas as early as possible as per Twist Of The Wrist. Trying not to think about getting the knee down but it's always in the back of the mind :demon: will get that out of the way next session so I can focus on just getting faster and smoother :angel:. Incedentally I was riding that day with another feller on a Gixxer7 and he had his knee down most of the day but I certainly wasn't any slower so I guess that bodes well for my body position...

    Thanks again!