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Dreads and the Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by spongesam, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Guys,

    How many of you have dreads?
    Did you have to buy a helmet 1 size up?

    I'll be getting dreads in about a months time.
    Conveniently, I'm also going to be buying a new helmet to go along with my new bike.

    I need to know though, will dreads push the size up of my helmet? Assuming yes, by how much???

  2. guys? anyone u can forward me on to about this?
  3. Er, talk to MG. But then he's probably not the most fastidious user of safety gear.
  4. Yer beat me to it Loz, I was going to mention MG as well :)
  5. Er, MG just told me he's using the same helmet as when he had a shaved head, he reckons it's not a problem. Again though, he's not the world's most anal guy when it comes to safety gear.
  6. MG has dreads? :shock:

    My "picturing what I think members look like" mind thingie is WAY off :roll:
  7. just keep trying them on till u get one tha fits
  8. see my dilemma is, i'm getting the dreads done professionally, and i'm getting them done in yarram... i wnat to be buying the new helmet and wearing it down there, then riding back with it.

    so i can't exactly try one on,, unless they have a bike shop in yarram? but i duno how lilkely that is
  9. Dude you live in Camberwell. Forget the dreads, you want rebellion, throw on a pair of jeans that aren't "pre-distressed." fight the power.
  10. pfft, never bought them anyway...hahahaha
  11. I must be getting old, but how do you get "dreads" I thought you had to grow them? For everyone one I knew that had dreads it was a long term effort... Or is there something I'm missing.
  12. you'll definately want to try on a helmet when you get the dreads. Theres a guy on somethingawful.com who reckons the only helmet that will fit on over his dreads is a HJC
  13. so it turns out yarram DOES have a motorbike shop! i might call them tomrrow, woot