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Dreaded yellow envelope

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by PhilC, May 6, 2011.

  1. So, I met a friend for lunch today in Leichhardt, parked my bike in a motorcycle only parking spot with two other bikes.

    As we returned from lunch in the park I see a dreaded yellow parking ticket envelope sticking out of my fairing. I spit several curses, I know I was well inside the line and was sure there was no time limit on these spaces. I pull out the envelope and look at the ticket...

    "For witness details please call XXXXXX"

    Oh shit.

    A stroll around the other side of the bike makes it all clear, someone had reversed into my bike and knocked it onto its side. I found out later some other riders had picked it up (cheers guys)

    I called the number and the parking warden met me some 5 minutes later with names and numbers of two eye witnesses. Got the car details and rego, I think I now have the driver's name. They left without taking any notice of the people trying to draw their attention to what they'd done.

    I've just filled in a claim form and intend to put my insurance company to good use. The damage isn't huge but I shouldn't have to live with it and the costs will add up quick (guestimate from mechanic was $3500). Fairings are damaged on both sides and the muffler is scratched up too (amongst other minor bits)

    So - major cheers to the people that stopped and left their details.
  2. Well, on the plus side, I've confirmed the name and number of the driver and they've apologised. Nobody almost got killed and no kittens exploded.
  3. Get all their contact details including name, address, license No, car make, etc.

    If you don't have these your insurance company may well try to make you pay excess.
  4. that's nice. Now report them to the police for failing to stop and exchange details after an accident.
  5. Yeah, they were polite and apologetic, and are back in their office on Monday. I told them I'd call them then for all of those details. Between that and having good eye witnesses I hope to get it sorted with minimal fuss.
  6. Did they say they didn't realise what they did or did they admit doing the runner? Either way good work from the good samaritans.
  7. They said they had no idea they hit anything.
  8. Yeah, bad luck Phil but kudos to the parking warden and eyewitnesses.

    Hopefully your bike is back on the road quickly without any further dramas.

  9. I would have prefered a parking fine. But at least it shows that there are lots of good people in the world.
  10. was it a mercedes GL500?

    Just seems like the kind of car that would do that...
  11. Typical, I got side swiped by a dikhead p plater in his dads company ute with his gf next to him I got a tankslapper nearly came off but managed to gain control. Cops called him later and be said he didn't realise he hit me and because I gained control later on thought everything was fine.
  12. It seems when bikes get knocked over in parking situations - people are always there to help as witnesses etc
  13. What way was the bike pushed over? Away from the stand side or towards the stand side?

    Away from the stand side is understandable (until the bike hits the ground with a crash).
    Towards the stand side is dumbfounding...

    Seems like the wool between this driver's ears was affecting their hearing.

    Good luck PhilC. Sounds like you have them dead to rights. Make sure you make them pay for the damage.
  14. It was away from the side stand. One of the witnesses said she beeped her horn, couldn't figure out how the driver could have not noticed. Anyway, I'll go with the benefit of the doubt until I have reason to believe otherwise.

    She was lucky in a way though, when I parked there were two other bikes there, they must have left (I think I saw one guy walking back as I crossed the street). They would have gone like domino's if they'd still been there.
  15. When I was still on the CBR250RR I parked up legally in a car space, parked diagonally with my rear wheel against the kerb, about 10 feet from anything.

    Anyway I went in to buy the goods I was there to buy, come out, helmet up and go to throw a leg over when a guy comes bolting out of the boat shop next door and tells me that he witnessed a guy reverse into my bike, get out, pick it up, get in the car and take off.

    I was ropeable. Closer inspection showed considerable damage, scrapes and scratches, cracks everywhere. No dents thankfully but snapped indicators and shit all over the shop.

    The guy could only give me a partial plate but the description of the guy was good enough as I'd recognised him in the store only minutes before. I spoke to the store who had his details that they collect from each person that they sell to. I took this to the cops who rang him and got his permission for me to contact him (yeah that seems fair).

    Anyway I called him and he was a right asshole about it. Basically treated me like I was just a big inconvenience as he was electing to pay for it himself so's to not mess up his insurance. I got his details and told him what I thought of him and hung up.

    I then went to my repairer who assessed it and gave me a quote. When I explained what happened he's gone: "Oh.. oh well yeah that's not good. Hey let me see that quote a minute.. Hmm yeah I've left some things off here" and then he hands me a quote for $600 more than the original $500 repair bill hahaha. He asks where I'm taking it to get comparative quotes, I tell him and he wishes me the best.

    The other two repairers were expecting me. Turns out they are all close knit and they voluntarily quoted a few bucks more than my repairers bill as the guy "failed the attitude test" ahahahahaha

    Stung him $1100 for it. Asshole got what he deserved.
  16. phil, that sucks ass, man!

    thank f*uck people got his details and helped out! :D

    take him for all he's got. you can't hit an object like a bike and not realise! hell, my bro reversed into a plastic garbage bin (one of the small ones not on wheels) and we heard and felt it, not substantial, but definitely knew it wasn't normal.
  17. For once parking warden for the win.
  18. Maybe you should ring council and tell them to give the traffic warden a pat on the back for you (its prolly the only call they will ever get like this where somebody is happy to see a parking inspector lol, and I bet the inspector will appreciate the gesture)
  19. So my insurer has confirmed that they have all the details and are processing the claim. As I've given them the offender's name, address and registration as well as witnesses they have confirmed that there will be no costs or impact to me from an insurance perspective.

    Should have an assessor out next week but I've had a quote for $3k to bring my baby back to tip top shape. Nice girl from Swann said she'd call the driver now for a few more details and to explain to them that you can't just go running over motorbikes :)
  20. Good stuff Phil. Nice to hear a positive step forward!