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Draw something and swap it with a stranger!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, May 4, 2008.

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  2. Oh, forgot to mention: it is entirely uncensored and unmoderated - if someone can draw it, you can receive it on your screen.

    So far I've only gotten harmless stuff... but you never know.
  3. This will keep me entertained for hours :LOL:
  4. I received this and completely lost my shit :LOL:

  5. Thats pretty cool.

    Using it now, putting my username at top of each one..
  6. Trogdor strikes again!
  7. I haven't got anything back yet :?
    how long does it take? I been waiting almost 10 minutes.

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  9. I did one and got crap back :(
    That be mine...
  10. That's really good, Tils! :eek:

    Yeah, the trouble is you sketch something really good and some stupid c0ckpuppet somewhere in the world just scribbled some fairy-floss and hit SEND [​IMG]

    But then you get the odd good or hilarious one that makes it worthwhile :)
  11. Cheers. I got a frowning stick figure chick back... typical... hehe
  12. I drew a weener, and sent it off with a giggle.

    I received, in return, a much better weener.
  13. Aww... isn't that nice... i got I *love heart* you in an etchasketch :p
  14. Yeah, definitely not always an even swap.

    I spent a few minutes creating this:

    And got back this:
    I think it's a bum doing a poo.

    Cool idea though.
  15. Chris, is your search engine permanently set to "Off-The-Wall"???????