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Dramatic "Safety Sphere" concept provides all-round protection for motorcyclists

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, May 29, 2012.

  1. <http://www.gizmag.com/safety-sphere-motorcycle-airbag/21354/>

    Airbags for motorcyclists, whether built into the vehicle (a la Honda) or the rider's apparel (like the D-Air, Spidi and Hit-Air), are not a new idea. But Canadian inventor Rejean Neron's Safety Sphere concept has to be the most, well, all-encompassing of those we've seen. Described as an "inflatable crash garment for non-enclosed vehicle riders", Safety Sphere isn't so much built into the rider's suit as it is the rider's suit. In the event of an accident, the intended results are nothing if not dramatic, as the CG video promo ably illustrates.

    The Safety Sphere is comprised of two layers. The outer layer is made of tough, parachute-like material while the inside is a thin, elastic synthetic. Should the worst happen, the suit effectively surrounds the rider with airbag, (rather than her being inside an airbag, which would be no use at all).

    Inflation of the Safety Sphere is triggered electrically. "In a collision situation, the passengers are thrown from the motorcycle," Neron told Motorcycle News. "The cord connecting them to the motorcycle seat disconnects, the electrical voltage plummets, and the electronic circuit processor inside the belt buckle housing of each occupant connects the 9 volt battery to an electric igniter in the back housing of their respective suits."

    Motorcycle News reports that this triggers an explosive canister of nitrocellulose to fire, inflating the suit in 0.05 seconds.

    At this stage all we have to go on is the CG video, and though it's definitely worth watching (see below), there's no indication of how far advanced the project is in reality.


    I might be slightly better disposed toward it if it wasn't in bloody dayglo !

    My luck I;d get off the bike forgetting to disarm it and bang !
  2. The small print says it was 'invented in 2009'

    We haven't heard anything about it since......
  3. That looks fun. I want to try that.
  4. Does it really stop so quickly?

    I want one, and I want to crash. It reminds me a little of this:

  5. the funny thing is, im sure people have been having this idea since at least lames bond and his snow airbag thing in the move worlds not enough.

    There is a reason no one pursues it, its ****ing stupid.
  6. He has this super high tech super safe ball.... Yet no gloves.

    And yeah, saw this quite a while ago.
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    It made me LOL, Imagine bouncing off a car, down the road, off a cliff
  8. I think I might have survived that colision in the movie, in my leathers.
    Not saying I wouldn't be injured, but nothing deadly.

    But if he had hit the side of the van. (Sudden stop version) I think it would be useless. If it WAS quick enough, where would I bounce off to in my big orange ball suit.

    I can see it now...turn 1 at any track, rider goes down and suddenly there are 10 big orange balls canoning of each other, and going in all directions! LOL

    I won't buy shares just yet.
  9. Because wearing a full body, thick, heavy, rubbery condom with gas cylinders and/or explosives strapped to it is a ****ing great idea. Especially in summer.

    Though it would be fun to turn into a giant orange ball of death and wrath hurtling towards the next pedestrian who steps out without looking.
  10. That is pretty darn effing funny! To the point I could see myself intentionally going REALLY fast just to crash to see how far I could bounce down the road. Think of it as extreme zorbing!
    The racing idea is bloody funny too. All the medical team has is a bunch of pins to pop the ballons, they could wear clown suits, and make it even more fun!
  11. I think you have just invented the perfect sport, combining motorcycling and snooker. Brilliant !
  12. "tough, parachute-like material"

    Yeah… here's the thing, there are two primary fabric types used in parachutes today, F-111 and ZP. Neither are what I'd call "tough" in the grand scheme of things, especially if they involve being smashed into things and dragged long the ground.
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    "parachute-like material" not actual "parachute material"

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    Sure, but none of the qualities of parachute material are really anything to brag about for this application is what I mean :)
  15. parachutes are not designed to drag along a road.
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  17. It's such a stupid idea I couldn't be bothered searching for it, Tony. When they provide real test video and not CGI marketing hype......
  18. Pretty sure this is supposed to be a joke yeah?

    Saw the vid a couple of years ago - glad to see it hasn't gone any further.

    By the time you got back someone would have nicked your bike
  19. I don't see any dragging in the video.
  20. Yeh, they rather neatly skipped over that.