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Drama can make physical effort distort

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. well it was a beautiful winters day and we had a group ride organised. big breakfast then head off into the Adelaide hills to lap it all up. now we didn't know if we were going to ride today as the wife has been real crook for a week. today she said, 'lets go, I feel a bit better' and I said ok but give me a signal when you had enough and we go straight home.

    half way into the road we were approaching a corner and she signalled to me. I aimed for the side of the road and saw a concrete gutter. that looks safe, rather than dirt on most of the roads around there. just as I applied the brakes, unbeknown to me the front tyre locked a piece of bark under the tyre and then the bike lunged forward and before I knew it, hit the side of the gutter and I fell to the right.

    this is the part I don't understand. I was already standing looking at the bike thinking, I gotta get this up, but I think they are around 250kg so I thought I will do my best until one of the other riders helps me. In the space of a second I flung it up and it went the other side!!!! lucky it was just grass, and by now someone else helped me and got it standing again. I picked it up like it was a pushbike, not a mbike.

    anyway all I got was a small scratch on one pipe and the handle bar needed to be loosened and readjusted at home. the mirror got a scratch and the brake lever got a mark on the edge of it.

    all I got was a scratch on my left knee. I am expecting to be sore tomorrow.....
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  2. Glad you are OK and that the bike is relatively undamaged.
  3. Sounds like you don't know your own strength! Hope you pull up okay tomorrow.
  4. Glad it all turned out reasonably well! Once the adrenaline kicks in look out :)

    I was up around Norton Summit, Ashton, Lofty, etc this afternoon. It was a little nippy at times. Great in the sun though :)
  5. Good to hear you were ok mate, for sure must have had adrenaline kick in...or cruisers are lighter than they look 8)
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  6. Any of you guys around Lobethal - Cuddlee creek way this arvo 'bout 1.00?
    My son was right behind when the guy T'Boned a car. Next guy came down too.
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    Just a reminder to ValfarValfar and others. There is a general prohibition against Rider Down threads unless they are a matter of public record or a member here was directly involved and wishes to make it public. This is to allow official notification of relatives should the situation be fatal Also the intent is to prevent unsubstantiated speculation on an accident.

    We all feel for a fellow rider and sometimes the community can learn from an accident so if the details do become public record then the matter can be discussed,
  8. Yes, my son was indirectly involved. He was riding with them, saw it all unfold, and narrowly missed the incident.
    No, there was no fatal. Only broken bones.
    Yes, it is public. All over Facebook, by the riders themselves.
    I have pictures of the bikes and car.
    My son transported the wrecked bikes back to Adelaide, and talked to the relatives.
    No speculation on my son's part. He was on the phone to me 2 minutes after it happened for some advice. We know what happened, and there is no discussion on that needed.
    There was a very important message I was going to start a thread on to discuss what affected my son the most from this incident. Not the accident itself, but talking to the Guys mother, and group riding mentality.
    No, I won't discuss this any more. (y)
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  9. Glad your son is fine and glad no fatal. Group rides are fine. I havnt seen bad groud riding behaviour for about 4 years. that particular group folded anyway. group rides can add a new dimension to a ride. I do both mostly solo/couple but we enjoy groups rides as well.
  10. Hi ValfarValfar , I'm a member of that group as well and know quite a few of the guy's that were there including one of the two guy's involved in the crash. Wasn't there myself. Could have been much worse. Hopefully the more seriously injured lad recovers from his injuries without any long lasting issues.
  11. Adrenalin.
    One time, a bunch of guys I know drove their old Mazda off the side of the road and down an embankment a couple of metres (they might have been a little hazed).
    In a panic, they (six of them) jumped out and carried it up the hill and back onto the road.
    Next day (sober), they tried it again on flat ground and couldn't budge it.

    When my mate dropped his K13 earlier this year, I have no idea how I lifted it off him and to the side of the road, but I'm thinking adrenalin.