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Drama at local bike shop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by maurice, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Hey,
    just hoping for some ideas on how to resolve this drama. Thanks, and I trust this is the right forum!

    I asked my local bike shop for a rain cover for a 2015 VFR800F with a top box (nb: I don't own the top box yet, but want to get one). They recommended a large Oxford Stormex (think that's what it was called).

    Took it home, timing was perfect as it rained that night. The problem is is doesn't quite fit (this is without the topbox). There's a vent at the back, and it sits basically where the very back of the bike is. This means water runs through, onto the bike. The vent is supposed to be past the back, and hang downwards. I'd say it JUST fits. It certainly won't fit once the topbox goes on.

    Anyway.. I took it back. No big drama, they were happy the advice was wrong. This is where the drama starts. They offered me two options;

    1) store credit immediately
    2) a full refund, but ONLY if I provided them with a copy of my drivers licence AND a copy of a bank statement (so that I can "prove" who I am, as if the DL isn't enough...). Furthermore this refund would take 1-2 weeks, as it has to be processed.

    Sure, I argued with them. I asked for a manager, and they gave me some crap about him being away. I said SOMEONE must be in charge, and they said "nope, no one".

    I took the store credit, mainly as I didn't want to carry the damn thing, and they are now refusing to convert it to a refund (as I made my choice).

    Thoughts? Preferably non-violent ones :)
  2. consumer law should be your friend. The original purchase was not fit for purpose so you should be entitled to a refund without all the hoops they want you to jump through. However, if you've made a decision on taking the credit already I don't know if that impacts your future choices. Talk to someone at your state consumer affairs office
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  3. I'll guarantee that this shop is related to one in Ipswich. Had the same issue with them over an exhaust gasket worth $70 and over delivery of another order. Was passed from pillar to post saying the dealer principle had to handle it and the wouldn't refund store credit only. Lost the money still have the gasket but they'll never get another cent or a recommendation from me
  4. you should have just got the full refund instead of the store credit!

    store credit is like a gift voucher you cant redeem for cash.

    you had your options .
  5. a refund should be done on the damn spot and not made to wait 1-2 weeks crock of shit.
  6. @Nick gsxr750
    Not sure if you read my post, they demanded a copy of my drivers licence AND a copy of my bank statement. I didn't want to give either of those things. I also didn't want to wait 1-2 weeks for them to do their paperwork. They falsely advertised what the product did, and admitted this.
  7. i did read it mate.
    what they are asking for is ridiculous and i have never been asked for all that stuff just for a refund.

    ive had all my refunds from bike shops done on the spot with just the purchase receipt needed.

    pay cash get cash back etc.
    pay card get it put back on card. etc

    you should never have to wait for your money!
  8. Proof of purchase and the goods in the same condition you bought them together with your claim that the goods are not as described, is all you should need for a full refund or exchange. The rest of it is rubbish designed to put you off, a try on. Next time stand your ground.
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  9. Name and shame....

    Do it as a service to other netriders who after reading this would most likely not want to patronise, or at the very least make a purchase with eyes wide open and checking everything before leaving this particular store.
  10. Once I've spent my store credit I'll happily post their name. I don't want to run the risk that they'll see it here and get all "funny" on me.
    Having said that, not sure if naming them will help - I recall one of the staff telling me they own "over 20" bike stores.
  11. The fall of Rome started with a single city.......
  12. I didn't know Peter Stevens had a store in Brisbane............:whistle:
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  13. Amazingly enough, I just logged on to ask if anyone has had problems with the cack handed design of the Stormex and I saw this thread and thought I'd have a look and lo and behold you have answered my question. For the record it's nothing to do with the cover being too small, I've got the medium one on my GS500 and the air vents at the top are right above my seat, it will never hang down the back and it's not meant to, this is just a complete and total fcuk up of a design. I enclose the photos I just took to send to the bike shop where i bought it.

    I will say though that the bike shop I bought it from have offered to refund without a problem.

    It's a shame really because apart from the air vents that let water in, the rest of the design is really good, a nice snug fit and solid with a furry liner.




    Below is a copy of the email I've just sent...

    Update: I’ve taped up the first row of holes under the air vent, water pools on the cover even when it is pulled as tight as it goes, even though the back is lower than the front the water still pools behind the air vents and gradually dribbles in past the first row of holes I’ve taped up. I want this to work but it just seems impossible. I’ve got water flowing in and that’s without it even storming. It is clear that this is not going to do the job it was designed to do and I’m sure that the manufacturer will have to accept it back from you as unsuitable so I hope that it won’t hassle you unduly, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to return this.
    This is annoying because it is otherwise a good cover. I cannot even tape the vents shut completely because they have a piece of hard plastic embedded into them to keep it open in an arc. This is such a cock up of a design that I can hardly believe it. I mean look at the front vents under the handlebars, they are impossible to allow water in, they are properly designed and it make you wonder if the bike has vents at the front why it needed vents on the top.
    Please advise how I can return this for a refund. I have enclosed photos. You can see where i have taped up the first row of holes and you can see the other holes further in. I think I read somewhere that Rainex, have changed the design of this, if there is a more up to date design where this flaw is no longer built in then I’d be happy to simply exchange it.
    Thank You.
  14. But if they are reading this thread, then they are sort of going to work out it's you, and you've just told them that you're going to name and shame them so I don't see the difference in waiting. Just sayin'.
  15. With store credits or gift vouchers simply go to the parts or accessories department and buy something worth $1 to $2 use your store credit
    And get the change as cash. Works nearly every time.
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  16. Yeah, I agree. Top quality product (apart from the damn vent location).
    Mine was a Large, and the vent did hang down when stretched/gently forced. The problem was it never stayed in this position. Wind and water would push down, thereby pulling the vent back into a parallel-to-the-ground position.

    Your vent looks at LEAST 30cm "shorter" than mine, so I assume yours is the medium sized one.
  17. I f@@@king hate stores that give you shit about refunds , I had the same hassle with Virgin airlines over a $1100 refund. Anyway I got a bike cover from Aldi and it firs over by Gtr1400with top Bo's and panniers on, no problem. Can't remember the price.
  18. Looking at your pictures the cover seems way too small.
    The pvc window is supposed to hang over the number plate isn't it ?
    Assuming that it sits 500-700 mm off the ground the vents are certainly in a stupid place.
    They should be right above the window if they were actually going to work.

    FWIW I have the Aldi Torque bike cover.
    No vents, but it still has the window and lasts about 3 years with nightly use.
  19. #19 Mr Owl PhD, Oct 15, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
    Yes, medium and if a GS500 is not 'medium' then I don't know what is. The elastic goes under both wheels down to a couple of inches above the ground and the mirrors is exactly in the pointy part of the front cover that has the front vents hanging down. So I'd say it was a perfect fit, I wouldn't want it bigger and flapping about. It's also got the M3 GIVI plate on the back. I should mention that the Stormex already has vents by the side of the handlebars so fcuk knows what the point of the extra vent at the top is. Mind you I've seen this cover on a scooter and the vent manages to hang down the back, albeit with a very flappy looking cover.

    No, I think the fit is perfect, indeed if it had no vent at all on top I would be exceedingly pleased with the quality and fit, having had cheaper larger covers in the past that ripped themselves to shreds. I have ordered a Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus 50124-00 from eBay in the US as no one imports it into Australia AFAIK. Dowco recommended that size even though asked them if the 50003-02 would be better. They said go with the 50124-00 as it would be right even with the GIVI plate. So with some nervousness I went with that. I will report back on this thread as to how it went, or maybe even post a new thread if it's a worthwhile cover, as even with the bad exchange rate and expensive post it was no dearer than the Oxford bought here.

    Here's some amusing reviews I have since found online Amazon.co.uk: Loslyf's review of OXFORD STORMEX MOTORCYCLE ALL WEATHER COVER M
  20. I am still having issues with a bike shop in Australia who refuse to cover a legitimate warranty claim.
    The ACCC HAS NOW STEPPED IN ON MY BEHALF. I should have some kind of settlement within the next couple of weeks..
    You were saying that you didn't want to name the bike shop . I think it is important to know which bike shops are reputable and which ones aren't. WORD OF MOUTH IS THE BEST.....AND WORST form of advertising.
    I agree 100% refund on the spot based on the circumstances.