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Draining Fuel - Vtr 250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by OldNotBold, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. G'day all.
    Can someone help with some advice on this obviously simple task that is somehow confounding me?!

    I need to drain the tank before putting the bike into a container for relocation, but can't get it to happen. I have found a hose running off the fuel tap to the carb, so I opened the fuel filler cap, and then removed this hose - got two drips of fuel then nothing more. What gives? What am I doing wrong? I thought it should drain under gravity out of this hose?

    Thanks to those with the knowledge and answers!


    PS - Fuel tap was "on", and the hose was taken off where it joined the carb...

  2. It's almost certainly a vacuum type petcock, where one of those tube attach to the carb. When the bike is started, the pressure differential in the cylinder sucks through that vacuum tube and allow fuel to flow out through the petcock and into the carb. So a super slow way of doing it is just sucking on the vacuum hose to create the pressure and allow fuel through. If you are going to do it this way, make sure that the tap is too reserve to allow you to get almost all of the fuel.

    But a far easier way is just to get a spanner and take the whole fuel tap off the tank and allow the fuel to drain out of the big hole. While your playing around there, check if your's has an inbuilt fuels trainer screen. If so, you might as well give it a clean too.

    Finally, if it's doing to be stored for quite a while you may consider also draining the float bowls! Just take some clear tubing (don't have to, just stops fuel dripping onto your engine), attach to the nipple-like protrusions from the bottom of your carb and uncrew the (flat head) screw until fuel starts coming out. Should stop after 30 seconds or so, then just screw it back up and you're done. Since your's is a V-twin you'll obviously have to do this for both carbs.

    Hope this helps,

  3. If it is a vacuum type petcock it should have a "Pri" (or prime) setting which allows fuel to flow even without a vacuum.

    Edit: Of course it is a Honda. So I wouldn't be surprised if it was designed in such a way as to only allow priming of the carbs using Honda Special Tool number 6847FU.
  4. If it's anything like the spada, which it probably is, grab 2 pieces of clear tube that are similar sizes to the vacuum tube and fuel tube. Put the larger one on the fuel outlet and the smaller one where the vacuum tube goes. Put the unconnected end of the larger tube into a jerrycan and suck on the vacuum tube. The fuel should flow out the fuel tube. Continue sucking until the tank is empty.
    It may be easier to take the tank off to do this. Also put it on reserve otherwise you'll be left with some fuel in the tank.
    *Note you wont get all of the fuel out using this method but you'll get 99% of it. If you want it completely empty quickly you'll need to unbolt the tap from the tank.
  5. Nope, ON - OFF - RES settings only. Just checked the owner's manual and it didn't mention anything about priming.
  6. In which case I'd go with Brando's suggestion- which is much the same thing, only with more sucking.

    But that pretty much sums up Hondas in general. :whistle: