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Draining Fuel Bowl

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by noobie_rider, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I was told by a mech that my bike will not start because of excessive fluid in the fuel bowl. Since I'm fairly new to moto maintenance, ss there a link on this forum on how to drain fluid from a fuel bowl?

  2. not knowing what bike it is makes it hard, but generall there will be a screw on the bottom of the bowl that you open and the fuel comes out, make sure tank is turned to off.

    if thats the problem i think you need to look further than just draining it each time!
  3. Its not a realy hard thing to do, ever unscrewed a screw? thats how easy it is, the fuel bowl is located on the carb some where, what sort of bike do you have? you might need to check in a repair manual on the location of the fuel bowl.
  4. Simply draining the float bowls aint gonna fix your problem noobie.
    The float levels will need to be adjusted so that they KEEP the fuel level at the proper level instead of allowing it to be refilled to the same level as soon as you switch the bike back on and the fuel pump primes the carbs again.
  5. "fluid" in the float bowl.

    If it's water, then draing the bowls will help.

    It's easy to do. Most bikes have a drain plug. Look for an socket head screw, somwhere near the bottom of the carbies. Worst case is you have to take the float bowl off. Unfortunatly, if it's an older bike you may need to take the carbies off to do that, because the screws that hold the bolt on may be siezed or access may be pour. Try taking them off insitu first.

    If the excess "fluid" is fuel, then you need to do a float height adjustment. It's not that hard, but requires a bit more commitment.

    If the "fluid" is something other then the above, then there is something seriously wrong with either the bike or the operator.