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draining battery and key in ignition

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Willzah, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Ive heard that keeping the key in the ignition drains the battery, is this true?

    tried to do a search, but came up with a whole bunch of same old battery is drained and soln was to replace the 50 y.o. battery. maybe im just lazy

  2. Can't say for certain but I would say no because unless the ignition is on then the key sitting in the barrell is just a key in a barrell. If you want to check, sit a multimeter on the battery with the key in leave it for a few hours/days and see if it drops any signifficant amount. But I still say no it wont drain your battery
  3. On an older bike/car, the answer would be a definite no, but if the vehicle has a factory immobiliser with a coded key, then it could be possible that having the key in would power the immobilisation circuits. Logic would say that the circuit would only power up with the key ignition on, but engineers don't always do things logically!
  4. well on my mates NSR150 he pulls the key out of the barrel and it makes a click noise about 2-3 secs after key has left teh barrel. he said if he leaves the key in ita kill the battery. wondering if this is across bikes, or across hondas?
  5. I know of a Hino truck which keeps some of the electrics alive if the keys are left in the ignition but a truck is a little bit bigger than a bike.

    Some cars beep if you shut the engine off and don't remove the key mainly due to the Yanks & Japs having a habit of locking keys in cars somehow. Other cars you have to have the clutch in to start and to put an auto into gear you need to have the brake pedal pushed in, again to allow for the ID 10 T factor.
  6. Only if there is an electrical problem.