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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. does anyone ever take their bikes to dragstrips? I've never been
    but I'm thinking of heading down some time ..

    just wondering how many are into the whole mods/drags scene :)
  2. My bike is hopeless (or maybe it is just me) as I can't get it off of the line without it trying to loop itself, otherwise I'd love to give it a go.
  3. I don't have enough $$, and prefer to ride it than mod/drag it :)
  4. I been wanting to go to calder to test out the 1/4 times i can get on the Gixxer.

    Like any fast fun on a bike you gotta let your tyre pressure's down as to help with traction, that and plenty of forward leaning bodywork :LOL:
  5. Damn it!!!

    Here I was thinking that I was going to see Glen Dressed as a woman :LOL:
  6. scooter - I take it you're launching it pretty damn hard :p

    mouth - well I've always liked mods and since bikes are pretty damn cheap compared to cars its temping :D

    someone should organise a netrider drag day ... could help some of the L/P plate riders to let out some adrenaline :p :p
  7. a rideday would be better... better for adrenaline and[/b] riding skills.....

  8. and more expensive :roll:
  9. He has a photo of him dressed as a woman! ... some t-shirt he was of some bald guy on a scooter :LOL: :p
  10. You are a dead man and it's a real shame that you have yet to realise it :p:p:p pumpkinguts :)
  11. I take full responsibility for this thread going nuts since I wrote the title .. oh well :p
  12. still reckon a ride day is the go... surely netrider can organize a discounted package with Steve from SBK Skool or someone from Winton raceway???
  13. Two words PUBIC LIABLILTY :p
  14. lol!Yeah its the bikes fault... :LOL: :LOL: Its the rider that makes the bike,not the bike that makes the rider scoot! :D :wink:

    Androo,a few off the R1 forum get down to the drags a fair bit,havent been myself,but will head down and see what times the mighty K5 will do eventually,wanna get a PC3 and a pipe first though :p 8)
  15. Fugget then... I'll go on me own. :p :p
  16. hey vic, do you have any sources of info on this?

    I'm interested to know what the legal stance is on this, but is it something like this? Netrider is organising a ride, thus providing a service (i.e. they have a contract with the riders).

  17. We don't organise rides. We offer the channel for people to do so via these forums and via the events calendar.

    It is no different to people trying to go Telstra because two mates phoned each other and decided to go for a ride.
  18. but surely if its organized thru the superbike school (or who ever) it is covered through their P.L ???
  19. Then you don't need Netrider .. just ring Superbike school and book in for one of their drags :)
  20. Superbike school dont do the drags,they do ride days :D :LOL: Going to the drags is as simple as riding down to Calder and paying the race fee (about $50 i think) and off ya go :wink: 8)