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Dragon jeans repaired and yep...im happy

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Phanoongy, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. I just had my dragons repaired by a fellow member and thought as she did a really good job at it i would give katcando a plug...Im guessing the repair will outlast the rest of the jeans :shock:

  2. do you mind elaborating on the type of repair made.

  3. :shock: :shock:
    she is lovely, isnt she! :bannanabutt:
  4. What work does Katcando do?
  5. {groan :roll: :LOL:}
  6. leather/textile etc repairs :)
  7. after one of my offs the button got ripped a little in my blue dragon jeans.. till one day the button above the zip fell out as the rip got bigger :!: was like a rip from where the button was to the top of them, she fixed the rip and put in a new button so now , im a happy camper and can wear them again
    OK... My gut may have got a little bigger in the ½ year the bike was off the road from the crash that also put a tad of pressure on it…..but you try going without a bike for that long and not go crazy…. :shock: :grin: :?
  8. Darlin, just ask me :wink:

    Im a commercial sewing specialist. That means that I have industrial sewing experience. I mend tarps and stuff like that and make one off things that nobody else wants to as well as domestic clothing alterations.
    I have a little home based business and my favorite work is motorcycle gear. I can replace zips, repair tears, alter sleaves and make a beutifull cuppa too. Unfortunatly I cannot manufacture race type gear. I do highly recomend Tigerangel or Mars leather.
    In the new year I will be offering Netriders extra monthly specials so keep your eye on the partners page.

    Joel....I love you too hun.

    Phanoongy... anythin for you.

    Robsalvv...It was nice to meet you albeit only breifly.