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Draggins tearing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Puff, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. I came back to work on Monday and when having a coffee with a work mate he told me about an off his brother had just before New Years. To keep it brief, whilst travelling in the right hand lane a moron with no licence attempted a U turn from the left lane causing the bike to T bone the car and the rider was thrown over the vehicle. Apparently he has had surgery and just got out of hospital but is receiving daily care for badly broken wrists, and damaged knees.

    As well as this the rider also has lost a fair bit of skin on his legs because his draggins tore from knees to hip. Apparently the rider or one of his family members contacted draggins and they were told they only provide protection from fire.

    Is this to be expected in a crash where the estimated speed of the rider is 60kmh? My understanding was that draggins should provide some abrasion resistance before tearing - which is why I commute in them and save the leathers for the weekend.

    Has anyone experienced something similar and would the rider have a claim against draggins.


  2. Unless they specifically guarantee that their Jeans will not rip, then not really. Most guarantees in the commercial world are worthless becuase its all about how they are worded.

    Just had a look at their site and cant find any guarantee like this, also reading comments posted by others on the feedback section of their website, a number of people list the demin tearing but the Kevlar saving their skin.

    I dont own a pair but i think the Kevlar is only in the arse section right? so if you come down hard on your knee then these are going to offer as much protection as a normal pair of jeans? unless your sliding on your ass against the tarmac?
  3. I think the kevlar varies a little in it's amount and location...

    The pair of draggons I have has a kevlar arse, strip of Kevlar running down the outsides of the legs to the knees where there is a big patch that covers 4 or so inches either side of my knee (eg above and below).

    If I have an off, I don't expect the denim to survive, but I hope the kevlar will do a bit better at keeping my skin attached.
  4. Did a seam go, or was it the fabric that ripped? Got to remember, the outer shell of Draggins is only cotton. Heavy cotton, admittedly, but cotton nonetheless. It can't be expected to have the tear resistance of good leather.

    That said, when I had my off last year, I was a bit disappointed that the side seam let go in the pocket area, exposing the hip armour that I fortunately had fitted. In that pair (chinos, made in late 05) the kevlar in the arse stopped at the side seam. On my replacement pair, it seems to overlap a bit which should be better.

    Interestingly, apart from the seam failure, in spite of having slid 50+m, the cotton drill was only abraded through to the kevlar in a couple of tiny spots, which suggests that thick jeans or similar, whilst being sub-optimal, may not perform as badly in some crashes as is often asserted.

    Whilst Draggins are no substitute for good leather, I've seen leathers from recognised brand names that have burst and ripped in apparently minor stacks. Once you hit the deck, there are no guarantees, whatever you happen to be wearing.
  5. Did they tear or were they cut? I've seen Draggin's sliced through where the rider came down on a piece of glass. They do provide quite decent abrasion resistance on the knees (I can vouch for that personally).

    I'd follow up further - that comment about fire is just plain wrong. They advertise the abrasion resistance quite heavily, however they don't have a full kevlar lining - but the knees are certainly covered.

    To quote from their web site
    Draggin Jeans also subjects itself to the stringent European CE Tests.

    Draggin Jeans products PASS the important Abrasion, Burst and Tear tests traditionally applied to road and race leathers.
  6. got an email from the rider yesterday after posting the thread...it wasn't the denim / cotton that tore it was the kevlar.

    apparently almost in a straight line as if it might have got caught on something from either the car or the road and torn, opened up giving no protection.
  7. That sounds about right, Draggins can not be held responsible for something that has cut the kevlar, they are abbrasion resistant not resistant to cutting.
  8. Draggin, Hornee and whatever else are made to resist a bit of a slide and nothing else. If there is an impact as well then it is all down to luck after that. My old pair of Hornees ripped up on one knee thanks to landing and mostly sliding on that knee and an additional impact during the slide. Knee armour saved my skin.

    A neat tear from the knee upwards suggests to me that the jeans snagged onto something somewhere along the way. I don't think there could be any claim against Draggin due to snagging on something. Draggin make the best riding jeans. Leather is the next step up and I suspect that middle of the road leathers will hold up a lot better than any sort of riding jeans.
  9. I've noted the same in low speed lowsides in greasy conditions (cotton not abraded through to kevlar anywhere). What was the road like in your case?
  10. Mainly dry with damp (not wet) patches, fairly worn so not much sharp aggregate in the surface. Standard WA main road. The last 10-15m or so of the slide were on the median strip, which was hard, rough, gravelly WA dirt, fortunately free of broken bottles or gigantic coffee rocks, both of which exist in considerable numbers on that stretch. At first contact with the road I was probably doing about 60 km/h or a bit more.

    I wend down hard on my right side and slid feet first reclining on my right elbow and right hip. Because the trousers were of a normal, straight-leg cut, they rode up and exposed my right calf to some rather painful abrasion maybe 50mm x 250 mm. Pretty much inevitable under the circumstances in anything that doesn't zip down to a tight fit.

    The outer fabric on the right buttock was worn smooth but only showed a couple of holes about half the size of a 5c piece exposing the kevlar.

    To be fair about the hip seam failure, it did get the brunt of the impact and abrasion, possibly exaggerated by my having my spectacle case in that pocket so the seam may have become pinched between a hard object and the road with most of my (considerable) weight on it.

    Overall, I'd say that they offered about as good protection as could be reasonably expected of anything you can wear to the office. I continue to ride in kevlar lined strides for everything but track days (rare :cry:) and serious distance (also rare :cry:)