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Draggins Oilskins

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PeteH80, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals

    Just wondering if anyone has any comments on the draggins oilskin jean/pant thingys?


    Want to ride to work a bit more, but not sure how long i can get away with wearing my normal draggins, and i saw these and thought they might do the trick.

    The cargos just seem a little bit too casual for work, but the oilskins look pretty decent, plus they are supposed to be weather resistant as well so could be good if i get caugh in an arvo shower on the way home.

    has anyone checked them out? how well do they hold up? hows the water resistance?
  2. Hmmmm, seems like i may be the guinea pig on this one then.

    I will have a look at them again and maybe try them on, if i grab a pair ill post here and let everyone know how they go
  3. I wear a normal pair of black draggins at work under my work shirt and don't think it's too casual. My safety is more important than appearance.
  4. I ended up buying a pair of these.

    Size wise, i fit into a 32 in the standard dragging, but in these i had to go up to the 34. they are probably a bit too big for me but nothing a belt cant fix.

    They look a bit better with a business shirt and my boots on, although they are a bit baggier, so....... anyway i feel a bit better wearing them to work instead of my jeans during the week. i wasn't sure how long the bosses would put up with it for and i couldn't be bother getting changed here.

    Not sure about how weather proof they are, the guy said they should do fine for light showers, but heavy rain probably not.

    the do make this annoying swooshing sound when i walk around though. hopefully once they soften up this will go away, but only time will tell i guess. I cant get the Seinfeld episode, when George gets the suit that swoosh when he walks, out of my head at the moment.