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Draggins knee height

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by smileedude, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. I have worn through my second pair of draggins and ready for some new pants. However I don't know if I have freakishly short thighs but the knee protection on both my pairs have started rather low. When I stand up, the top of the kevlar on the knee is mid knee height with a belt on. I also had to take them up about 15 cms. The waist has fitted perfectly so I can wear them without a belt (size 32).

    This seems to defeat the purpose of having kevlar in my knees. I think it also has reduced the life of the pants as both times the pants have split at the top of the knee. And sitting up and down puts a lot of preassure on this seam when its on your knee.

    Both Draggin and Hornee, don't seem to give you a leg length option, and I'd rather buy pants which wern't made to fit a skinny giant. What do you other short legged folk out there buy and do you have the same problem?

  2. You can pay an additional... $70 or so (was when i got mine done) and have them custom made for you, you just need to give them all the measurements. Wherever you are buying the jeans, just ask them to talk to their supplier about it and it can be done.
  3. how fast are you going through them?
    i was wearing mine every day including all day at work (and i'm rough on ALL clothes) and they held up fine. they're still fine now but my gut's too big to fit in them
  4. I'm always surprised at how much higher my pants legs ride when I'm on the bike. Check where the kevlar starts when you're in your normal riding position on the bike, I think you'll find your knees are covered.

    Moral? If you come off, don't straighten your legs!!! ;)
  5. This is my second pair, in 4 years. I do wear them daily. However realistically i should have replaced them after about a year, that's when the rip first started to develop, the ones im wearing right now if I crash the bottom of my leg will rip straight off, I've sown the hole in my left leg up 4 times already. the right leg is ok though.

    Also I'm on a scooter (I know, WTF why am I not wearing shorts like every other scooter rider) so ridding position of the knee is a bit different, the crotch isn't pulled up so high.