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draggins/jacket assistance

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by enigma--, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. been riding two months, so started off just buying one set of gear, namely a textile jacket n pants. i am looking for something to wear in the ncier weather n wanted some opinions.

    draggins - i know a lot use them. how much protection do they offer? im pretty set on getting myself a pair, but hopefully someone can confirm that :D

    jackets - i hvae my rst textile one, was lookin into a leather one. are these generally better for summer and casual riding?

    cheers :)
  2. I've had a low speed (40k/hr) off with Draggin's and a Tiger Angel jacket. The left knee denim scraped through but not the kevlar. I had a very very minor friction burn (far less of an issue than getting gravel rash). The pocket on the jacket was damaged because it was undone when I came off and caught.

    I was very happy with them. I was especially happy that both Tiger Angel and Draggin' jeans have a repair service. $10 for a new knee piece in the jeans and $20 to repair the pocket on the jacket.

    If I'd bothered to put some protection in the knees of the jeans then I would have had no problem.

    Unfortunately there's no available protection that can prevent you from landing awkwardly and smashing up your wrist and arm - that was another story. :(
  3. alright cheers, ill definately get some draggins then.

    the only riders i talk to often are uncle (who has never had a leather jacket) and dirt riders... so im still undecided on that. how do they manage in the heat? i imagine they arent to great in the cold haha
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  5. A good fitting and well vented leather jacket is great for summer riding. I have an RJays Racer jacket which fits me perfectly and has good venting on the inside of the arms. As long as I'm moving I don't get too hot in it but if you spend a lot of time stopped at lights it can get pretty warm.

    They're often on sale at MCAS as they are now:


    making it a good value jacket.

    For winter riding at the moment i have a textile jacket but plan on one day buying another leather jacket that either has closeable vents or no vents and is looser fitting to enable me to add appropriate warmth underneath it. My wife has this at the moment and loves it.