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Draggins and Dririder jacket enough protection?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Andrew81, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. I'm looking at getting my riding gear together for when i get my L's. Will draggin kevlar lined jeans, dririder kevlar lined jacket, a good pair of gloves and mack lace up work boots provide enough protection?

    Or should i be looking at leather and a proper pair of riding boots?

  2. Get yourself a good pair of riding boots. Standard work boots don't offer you any protection for your ankle. It's pretty easy to break your ankle in an off.

    the rest of your gears alright. It's what I wear a lot of the time.
  3. Indeed, look at some boots. I've been down the road in Draggins and Dririders a couple of times, and have been no worse for wear.

    Consider getting the velcro-in CE knee armour for your draggins.
  4. hey andrew where are you looking at buying your clothes from coz i gotta buy some riding gear as well and havent really scoped out any places yet.
  5. Macks or GP's are great alternatives to riding boots if you don't want to go all out yet...

    I use Dri-rider/Draggin combo and feel pretty safe, draggins tho aren't quite as good as armoured pants or leatehrs tho, but they are great for going out gear/work gear...
  6. I am happy to ride in a dri-rider/draggin combo but I don't like riding in work boots much.

    The elestic sided ones are totally useless and even the lace up ones are a pain... they just aren't cut right for bike use.

    Also the water comes in through the laced area really really quickly.

    If you want some short bike boots then a few bike boot companies sell them.

    I have a set of city bike boots (which are about the same length as work boots) but include better ankle and foot protection than works boots.

    Not a bad compromise and I can wear them all day if I want.
  7. It really depends on what you want protection from!

    Dragin's wont protect you in an impact (usually no armour but it can be ordered), synthetics or leather with armour will provide some protection for elbows, shoulders, knees, back etc..

    Dragin's wont protect you from the rain, leather in light rain is OK (good but hot with an oversuit), synthethics generally best.

    Dragin's offer some protection in a slide but there are other materials that offer more protection, synthetics much better, good quality leather is the best. Depends on how nasty and fast the slide is as to what will protect you.

    Dragin's wont protect you from the cold, leather and synthetics with liners are much more comfortable.

    Dragin's are probably the best for very hot days (covers the skin and are thin and breath).

    There is no gear that provides "full" protection, it really is a compromise between what you have to spend and to a certain extent what you are prepared to risk.

    In terms of whether you should buy Dragins and Macks, make an informed decision about the level of protection the gear you are thinking on actually gives you and whether you are comfortable with that. If so, go for it. Your choice. A good place to start is a rider you trust (usually an old fart) who has been around a bit, has a few war stories and can tell you from experience what works and what doesn't.

    My 2c, buy very good protection for your hands and feet, you tend to use these things all the time.

    Good luck with the L's and the minefield that is Learner riding....
  8. Thanks for the replys. Is good to hear the daggin dririder combo provides reasonable protection. It's the most practical gear i've seen- comfy, easy to get in and out of, when going somewhere no need to change just take the jacket off and you're in jeans and Tshirt

    I'm not buying Macks for riding I already have them for work was just curious if they'd do rather than buying riding boots.
    Sounds like maybe i should invest in some proper boots. I'll see if i have anything left after getting helmet, pants, jacket and gloves.