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Draggin VS Leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by gpxkermit250, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. I commute to work (no more than 70km/h) mostly and go for weekend rides (mostly 80 to 100km zones)..

    Will the Draggin Jeans I have covered both scenarios if I have an off? (as far as skin preservation is concerned) or should I just get some armoured leathers and wear them when ever I can. (and leave the jeans for trips down to the shops etc)

    The jeans are so practicle as can wear them to work, but I dont want to be riding around thinking Ive covered all bases.

    Commentary from anyone who has had 'hands onto bitumen' experience would be a bonus hey.... thanks..Greg
  2. I wear Draggins around town, but try to put leathers or heavy riding Cordura pants for higher speed runs - I wouldn't feel fully protected with just Draggins out on the open roads.

    Actually, I'm naughty and I often commute in regular jeans. I went for a slide down the road in them too - contrary to others' experiences (not that I doubt them, I was just lucky I guess... and I wasn't going very fast) the damage was limited to a small tear and small scratch on my skin. Not even worth putting a bandaid on.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that feeling of being protected by proper riding gear is somewhat illusory. Truth is, if you smack into something at high speed, neither leather or Kevlar jeans will help you much. They really only provide protection against one particular danger: abrasion as you go sliding down the road. That's something, for sure - but there are many other dangers waiting for you when you crash...
  3. No contest, leather gives far better protection. IMO :)
  4. I wear Draggins ... but I agree, You can't go past leather.
  5. I agree that it's no contest for abrasion.

    Also, Draggin jeans offer no impact protection whatsoever unless you wear kneepads over them or under them, while most cordura and leather pants should have CE-approved foam impact armour in them.

    That said, I wear Draggins for convenience. I just stuff the knee protectors in when I go for a ride.
  6. I cant remember the last time I saw a Bike Race on TV where they are wearing Draggin Jeans? Must be a reason for it!

    Draggin jeans are great as far as comfort is concerned, but you cant match Leather for protection. The "safest" option is to wear leather everywhere, but if this is just not practical, the Draggin Jeans are the next best option for any city commuting (assuming moderate speeds). I hear the leather does not generate as much heat when you slide on it (compared to the kevlar) so I think leather is a must for the faster paced weekend rides.
  7. yep been do the road in my draggin's but only at 30km/hr

    I used to wear my draggins everywhere, until i brought some leathers after wearing leathers i just don't feel to safe in draggins.

    So my rule is draggins, commute to work, heading out, a cruise through the hills, tours (doesn't happen often) :p (if the conditions are mixed but thats about it.....but mostly if i head out on the weekend into the hills it's leathers for me :wink:
  8. Dammit, now I need to buy leathers to do 300kph across the bridge!
  9. And a ZX-14. ;)
  10. abrasion of a nation

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks heaps for all your replies!!!

    Looks like I might be filtering some pay day cash off for a pair of leather pants with armour asap.

    Im still ok knowing that the Draggins offer me some protection, but for the twisties on a Sat/Sun and with Melbourne weather, why not cover all safety bases really.

    cheers all, Greg
  11. I was going to suggest that I need to get off my L's first, then I realised that it doesn't matter what license I have at that speed. :)
  12. I've had 2 accidents in draggin jeans. They are still serviceable, but neither accident was above 60km/h and they are showing damage.

    They have enough damage that I am confident that they would be made useless if they were in an accident at 80km/h or above. That doesn't mean the wouldn't absorb a lot of damage that otherwise would be your skin, but you have to wonder where the line is

    I now wear leather pants now for my daily commute. If my leathers get wet I use the draggins, but know I am taking a gamble.

    Also of note in one of those accidents I was wearing leather gloves and in the other new fangled multi material fabric gloves.

    I had a bit of my finger missing with the fabric gloves and the leather ones I still use (and yes they did hit the pavement, you can see the scapes).

    So if you don't go leather keep in mind you are really just trying to limit damage rather than eliminate it.
  13. I wear full leather and I hit the road at 60km/h after flying over the top of the nice old ladies car who pulled in front of me.

    Had internal bruising but that would have been the same regardless of what I wore. All skin stayed where it was supposed to, big gouges down the leathers. The shoulder guard took a lot of impact and left a bruise the size of 10c piece on my shoulder.

    Apart from that I bruised the big toe where my foot hit the road - the nail came off eventually and has nearly grown back (6 mths later). My knees were sore where they hit the handle bars on the way through but the armour stopped most of the impact.

    So that has only reinforced my decision to leather up!!

    I got my leathers at a wholesaler in Port Melb that have some good stuff at a good price. When I bought the jacket and leather jeans they threw in the gloves and a belt. It is Black Rose Leather. www.blackroseleathers.com.au


  14. Damn, you guys are scaring the bejesus out of me.

    I think I am going to get leathers for my commutes from now on.
  15. ha ha!! far out people, Im with PranK. jeez that was a funny reply though - took the words right off my keyboard.

    Im confident that the kevlar is enough for my daily use up to 80km, all though as said by ibast, over this where is the line before they deterrioate? and I do travel on the Westgate and Eastern a bit. So looks like leathers will be my next purchase for sure when $$ permit, (I might have to put the BLueAnt Bike to Bike INTERCOM wanky boys toy on hold and think safety first.)

    I reckon I have found what I think is an interim solution though. My main concern is my knees/shins on par with skin preservation, so I just went to Peter Stevens this arvo in Elizabeth Steet and bought some pretty chunky but flexible motorcross knee/shin armoure (one piece with velcro straps) that I can pull my Draggin Jeans over. OK, so we still have the Leather VS Denim debate fro skini etc, but just standing there and sitting on one of the bikes with them on made me instantly feel like my knees and shins were safer and in less danger. For $29 bucks that has to be a win for now.

    ps 4 anyone who is interested- Went to Ray Quincy's on the way back and starting price for their 2nd hand leather pants (with proper armour, not just stale sponge) was about $175. Had some other good 2nd hand stuff too which is handy if you dont really care for new flashy gear.
  16. Do yourself a favour if you have draggins and wear something like skinz or thermals underneath..if you do bin it Kevlar burns hurt...having something for the kevlar to slide on rather than your skin helps a lot :)
  17. Can confirm above. I had to consciously roll in one of my accident because I could feel the kevlar weave burning my skin.

    Better than gravel, but still left a burn patch.
  18. Impressive that you had the state of mind to 'decide' to roll, mid stack!

    Kind of like when your skateboarding or billy carting as a kid - Your enter speed wobble zone and you hit a stone and get flung forward. If quick enough you could roll the shoulder to stop your collarbone taking the brunt....(so they tell me)

    Thermals hey, ok... Might be a bit of stretch in Summer to add an extra layer, but thats 3 people in 24hours who have told me that If Im going to persist with Draggins, even with Armour, I need to wear thermals or another layer underneath.

    appreciate the advice
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