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Draggin US & Draggin Australia: Whats the deal?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lazy Libran, May 21, 2011.

  1. Hey NRs - Why are the Draggin Jeans US around $99+ & Aus ones $239+?

    Has anyone ordered from the US Store directly? I mean even if the shipping is $50, it will still end up much much cheaper than buying from here.

    Or is Draggin Aus a better product than US?
  2. not really an answer smee - more like a thread that went nowhere with no actual answer. anyone know?

  3. The search link has the answer, they are 2 different companies
  4. Smee, apologies as its a very similar post.

    I did some more research and you are right, they are 2 different companies and not the same global brand a la Levis etc.

    Draggin US started in 1996 and the Aus one in 1997 (based on a very similar logo, concept, design and manufacture). I could not find any more info on copyright issues as such.

    Also found that there are some fake Draggin's being flogged off on eBay (No surprises there) BUT I still want to find out if anyone has bought it direct from the US store (They do deliver worldwide) and if they match with our local ones here. I recently bought one along with the bike and it is of top notch quality but is the US one same as well?
  5. Motolegions look good, but where do you look at design & buy?

    meh not going to continue this line and inadvertently hijack this thread
  7. Dragging USA look like they are styled on Midwestern farm jeans from the pics.
  8. Guess what? Its not spam when he's an authorised seller and supporter of the forums with genuinely good product. A one man operation getting carbon fibre helmets through AS1698 testing? Yeah thats pretty fkn impressive.

    Whatever brand kevlar it is, i dont give a shit! Dupont has copywritten the Kevlar name, but the aramid molecules are preeetty much the same wherever you go, so as long as the knit is sufficiently dense, its just fine. Last i checked also, Draggins dont come with armour (at least mine dont anyway!) Getting a big bit of gravel through your patella is not fun.
  9. There is no other brand of kevlar, only Dupont, so unless it is the Dupont product you are not able to call it kevlar, maybe aramid, but definitely not kevlar... And they are not all the same, that is like saying all motorcycles are the same quality regardless of who made them... or tyres... And if the lining is not SPECIFICALLY developed for abrasion resistance in motorcycle accidents it will not perform to the same standard as one that is.

    Starrider jeans are fully lined for $125, and from what I gather most of the cost is in the lining. These have what looks to be the same lining, but half as much so even with the armour should still be well under $125...
  10. I have a letter of Authentication that my kevlar is by dupont

    happy to give you a copy Wil when you buy a pair
  11. Well there you go.

    Not the same lining as starrider.
  12. Excellent, so you have a licencing agreement with DuPont to use their brand in Australia?

    Is the lining developed and tested specifically for abrasion resistance in a motorcycle accident?
  13. You only need a license if you use the dupont or kevlar logos, you do not need a license to USE the fabric in a manufacture process.
  14. What Panza said
  15. Draggin USA don't ship to Australia, I tried.
  16. Strange. On the website, it says worldwide shipping. Was any reason given? We are not a small island in the ocean. :p
  17. They just said they regret that they do not ship to Australia. I'm guessing draggins us and draggins aus are related and they would rather I spent 3 times as much. Their loss anyway.

  18. intriguing - the plot thickens
  19. But Kevlar is a brand name that you need a licence to use, so yes you could use the product but call it by a generic name, not Kevlar.

    The original question still remains, is the lining designed and appropriate for protection in a motorcycle accident?

    The was a post at one time about these jeans getting CE approval that was very quickly removed, but also that the jeans were being tested in the same manner of Draggin Jeans and the results were going to get published...