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Draggin Twista

Discussion in 'Pants' started by zan, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. #1 zan, Dec 26, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2012
    I've been looking for a pair of Kevlar jeans for a while - jeans that not only offer good protection but also look good. I plan on commuting on my bike to uni next semester, so finding a pair of jeans that I am comfortable to wear (in terms of style) around campus was as much as a priority as the level of protection.

    My pair of everyday jeans are slim fit/skinny so I was happy to find that Draggin Jeans just recently decided to release a new style called 'Twista'.

    Stock Pic:

    The Twistas fall under the 'Next Gen' range - which apparently offers 'improved comfort and safety' - but the other benefit is that the kevlar stitching is hidden from the outside, as well as any other stitching for that matter, which gives the jeans a nice clean look.

    Real pic (sorry for dirty mirror haha):

    In terms of comfort - the jeans are really comfortable to wear, as expected from Draggin. They feel as good as any other pair of jeans I own - obviously besides the extra weight and thickness from the kevlar. I've had a few hours in the saddle wearing these and they really are a treat to wear. The stretch denim really helps with manoeuvring around and the jeans breathe pretty easily despite their thickness - I just came back from a ride in 25+ degree weather and it was like nothing.

    In terms of safety - the jeans are lined with the usual kevlar covering the buttocks and the knee area only. There is also a slot for knee armour.


    In summary - I'm no expert. I have limited riding experience, I have no knowledge of manufacturing jeans or kevlar specific jeans and this is my first pair of kevlar jeans ever.

    I guess the point of this review is to:
    • share that there are no hidden surprises with this purchase - you pay top dollar for a quality product.
    • raise awareness of this style of jeans - the majority of the kevlar jeans in the market are atrocious looking (each to their own) and there are fashionable options out there - this being one of them.
    That being said, the only downside of this purchase was the price. It currently retails for...

    Price - $300

    Thanks for reading - I'll be sure to keep this updated in the coming months (or years) in regards to how these jeans hold up to regular use. Feel free to ask me any questions!

    - zan
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  2. Thanks, I was looking for a review on these. Been keen on them but wasn't sure if I was ready to part with so much cash
  3. Do you plan to wear motorcycle boots when riding at all ?

    If yes you will have to have the jeans inside the boots as they wont fit outside the boots
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  4. A hipsters dream cut, do they come with converse all stars and check shirt?
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  5. Ouch. I don't think my nuts will fit in them ... I've got Drayko Drift's and thats cutting it close as is!

  6. Additional extra's include:
    Royal Enfield + Open face turtle helmet + 1920's aviator goggles.....

    The illusion is complete......
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  7. Nah, not at the moment.

    Speaking of motorcycle boots - spotted these a couple weeks back! Definitely on my wishlist - just can't find a local importer of TCX gear and Revzilla don't ship to AUS for orders under $300.

    Expecting 2x more hipster jokes now that I've said that :p
  8. You don't want those, you want the dainese technical sneakers :p

  9. I got mine at fc-moto when they were on sale at the start of the year, the shipping is pretty cheap, or you could try here. ;)
    Ride safe! -Chris
  10. Worst idea ever! Boots are one of the most important bits of gear. You only get one set of ankles and they can't be rebuilt
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  11. Zan, I'm in for a pair of those, if that helps with shipping?
  12. I understand that, and I accept the risk... for now.

    They go for $140 each so 2x still falls under the $300 minimum. I might just bundle them when I buy a leather jacket later this year.
  13. There's something else I'm thinking about getting from there. I'll let you know if I pul the trigger on it in the next few days and we'll combine shipping. I'm from the internet and you can trust me.

    Fark Revzilla. Did a dummy quote and... Jesus no. The shipping was ridiculous.
  14. Go Fc-moto dude, shipping quote straight away and its super reasonable.
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  15. Duly noted. Thanks mate!
  16. How are they going after 2 and a bit months?
  17. I ended up going to AMX to try on a pair, but they were way too thick for me. Felt like I was wearing a triple layered pair of pants. I opted for the Drako's instead, nice and comfy, and don't look half bad either.
  18. Holding up quite well for regular use. Showing a bit of wear, but everything is sticking together.

    I'll keep you guys updated as I approach 6 months, 12 months etc.