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Draggin Shoppin Day

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Misty, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I find myself with an unexpected day off tomorrow - no work, and the kids are taken care of for the day, plus I have some spare cash....
    SO it's Draggin Shoppin day! :LOL:

    It's going to be sweltering, but it's not often I get a day like this with time to myself and money to spend, so I shall brave the heat regardless.

    The question is...where?
    Where would be the best/most sensible place to go in Melbourne?

    I don't mind travelling, though I'd rather avoid the city. Ringwood? Dandenong? Any specific shops to try or avoid?

    Any ideas would be welcome :grin:

  2. :facepalm:

    Thanks for that.

    Are any of those likely to be significantly cheaper, or is the price pretty much fixed?
  3. Go to Bikemart in Ringwood (marrondah hwy) they have them for $199 and if you take your netrider membership card along you will get a discount :)
    They are extremely helpful there which is always a bonus ;)
  4. Misty buy yourself a pair of Running Bare 3/4 lycra tights to go under the Draggins, you'll enjoy NOT having Kevlar against your skin on those hot days.....
  5. Ditto on that, i just got a pair of draggin camos from bikemart with the discount and the guys always want to have a chat about whats going on in the world of bikes (Plus they are really nice and helpful) and if they don't have what you are looking for Peter stevens is just up the street and they should (No discount tho :( )
  6. mate just go to the factory.. 196 wells st sth melb...
  7. I was also looking at getting some draggin jeans, until someone pointed me to Hood Jeans in the UK. They seem to be a better design with kevlar all the way down the leg and not just in 2 patches. So your thigh is protected also. Personally I think that's where I will slide, not necessary just on my bum and knees.

    I got them directly from the Hood Jeans website and they were awesome. They would put "gift" on the package, a fake price and personal address so you don't get charged custom. Not to mention I bought 2 pairs for $360 delivered. Cheaper than Draggin Jeans!!! Arrived within 2 weeks.

    My 2c.
  8. Well, time was short so I went in to the factory in Sth Melbourne.

    Got a black pair for $170, they fit well and don't make my bum look too big :p

    Now my gear is on the line airing...very hot ride in the cordura jacket & pants, even with not much on underneath.

    Thanks for the help everyone :grin:

  9. You're right Paul,
    The kevlar is OK once it's been washed a few times but it does prickle a bit when it's new.I'm told it's worse if you have hairy legs

  10. Go on, admit it Paul. You wear the Draggins as an excuse.
  11. What kind of legs have you got Tony??
  12. Normal :LOL: :LOL:

    (It's the rest of me that's strange) :p :p :p
  13. Tony beat to the punch - the kevlar irritates less and less after every wash and wear... I used to wear bike shorts under my draggin cargos, which on a hot day gives you the choice to strip off when you're off the bike and still keep your modesty... but I haven't bothered with the shorts much lately - no longer modest! :p :wink: :grin:

    $170 is an excellent price for new draggins.

    By the way, the interesting thing about trying to be comfy on a hot day when the air is actually stinking hot too... is that you have to actaully sweat so that the air flow can cool you down... so to be cool, you have to be hot... funny hey?
  14. i don't have that problem and thats the first i have ever heard of it, actually didn't have a problem whe the were brand new either..... :)
  15. But we all know you wax your legs Stewy :LOL: :p :LOL: :p
  16. Oh yeah :roll: love that feeling of hairs being ripped out of skin :p
  17. I've been trying to find the draggin factory in south melbourne, but I can't find it!!! Does anyone know the address?
  18. 196 Wells Street, South Melbourne,
    Victoria, 3205, Australia
    Tel: +61 03 9696 1622
  19. think i will be trying that.. sounds like a good idea.