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Draggin outlet in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by WaiNLyn, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I read through somewhere and couldn't quite pinpoint it after scouring the threads, so I decided to just ask it here.

    I'm heading to Melbourne in a couple of weeks, is there really a Draggin's outlet in Melbourne?
  2. Peter Stevens at 339 Elizabeth St sell them upstairs.
    The clearance centre (115 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 - out the back of Harley Heaven) also have some, but usually red camo.
  3. probably a 100 retailers in Vic flog Draggins

    check out -
    http://dragginjeans.net/find retailers/
  4. Cheapest I've seen current model draggins is from their website.

    www.amxoutlets.com often have the older style draggins cheap(ish).

    Another option is to drop motolegion a PM and ask about his jeans...
  5. There isn't one particular place but rather 10's of places which stock and sell draggins. As advised amx have a wide range of them as does pretty much 70% of bike shops.
  6. same deal as here in Syd Lyn, shops sell them
  7. haha I guess the factory outlet myth for me has been crushed then! :p
  8. Thanks twistngo. But is that the head office? or is there a factory outlet shop there?
  9. Give em a call and ask.
  10. Good idea!

    Couldn't resist..
    Resmen, you know there's a company in SYdney called ResMed...
  11. No I didn't know what sort of business is it?
  12. ResMed
    Manufacturer of respiratory medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing
  13. hehe that's funny.
  14. Google FTW! In many accounts in this thread...
  15. sorry.. noob here.. what's that mean?
  16. FTW = for the win

    I was trying to convey my amusement at some people using Google a lot to get information here, and others not using Google.
    Lame joke. Never mind. :)
  17. Like this

  18. Ah ok,.

    just know ResMed from people as well as driven past it a few times :)