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Draggin Next-Gen jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. http://www.dragginjeans.com.au/products/jeans/nextGen.htm

    I don't know how long these have been out, but they appear to solve the old problem of 'no road-rash, but heaps of kevlar-burns' in an accident.

    I'm going to try a pair on in the next week, and if I like them, I'll buy them and give you an update. (Unless someone's done that already???)

  2. I use that dyneema on all my fishing reels as fishing line, pretty bloody strong
  3. Look nice, though I wonder if they have a greater area of coverage.
  4. "Styled on the latest Euro cut. "

    is this shorthand for "fits those with toothpicks for legs only"?

    And yes I know they make the "silverbacks" for those of us with more generous proportions.

  5. I've been thinking that draggin's really need to go a skinny-leg design (or close to it) being that they are hugely in fashion now and I wouldn't be so embarassed to wear my draggins around if they didn't make me look like a gangster rapper from detroit.

    Not indie emo skinny leg but just, not pants around my ankles so my CK's hang out loose, the crotch is waaaaaaay low too.
  6. i find the hornee's generally look better, and the only difference I note between hornee's and draggins, draggins are a lot thicker. Therefore hotter in summer and warmer in winter.

    However hornee's are still quite warm in summer / Autumn. I'd like to know more about this sports liner thing they talk about, will this make them cooler in summer??

    edit: spelling
  7. hehe. who was it who said they deal with road rage by tossing a handful of 20c pieces over their shoulder? :LOL:

    Now its just gotten easier.
  8. <- adjusts trouser ferret

    Nup, they seem fiiiiine to me.
  9. question is loz, your trouser ferret??? :LOL:
  10. yeah saw these also paul. let us know how they go. not ever been all that happy with the fit of mine.. kind of think that after i tried them on, when i returned to pick them up i was given a bigger size. hey comfy but i bit baggy
  11. Hope they bring these out in chinos need a new pair of pants for work
  12. Look Good ... so they should for 300 BUCKS! :shock:

    Only problem with seamless is that no-one will know you are cool biker :LOL:
  13. although i do have a pair of $40 Jay Jays jeans that have a similar seamline to the draggins and have been asked what i think of my draggins when i have them on..cheapest coolness i ever got.. :wink:
  14. So if you buy those camo's, can cops not see you?