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Draggin Minx jeans: review part 2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by blacknblue, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Okay gels, following on from my original 'review'/reply about Draggin Minx jeans:

    Purchased this morning, ridden in shortly after, blat on my own all the way to Sorento (home is Cheltenham), stop for coffee (10/10) and a blueberry muffin (5/10) head home again via Mornington 'twisties', keep going all the way into St.Kilda for another stop at Cafe Racer (no coffee, still too hyper from the previous) before finally getting home, some four hours out ... numb bum, somewhat 'buzzed' hands and feet, but very very happy :grin:

    Minx: 10/10, don't even know you're wearing'm sorta stuff, COMFY AS!!!!!!!!! :grin:

    Comment 1: they have a low-ish cut 'scooped out' front rise (short zip) which means the 'waistband' (SO no-where near the waist!) sits across at about where your bladder is ... HIGHLY recommend a pit stop BEFORE heading out on any longish journey ... was very happy to see Sorento! :p

    ... yeah I coulda stopped along the way, but just wanted to get there! :LOL:

    Comment 2: I'm SO NOT a size 10, more 12-14 pending brand, but Minx are made from a stretchy style of denim and these 10's I'm wearing (still, as I'm writing this) are a great fit, and (YAAAHHOOO!) long enuf in the legs for tallies (I'm 176cms) :grin:

    Umm, gels who are a bit shorter, sorry, you might need to getm taken up a bit :roll:

    Take your 'normal' size to the change room and one size smaller, and expect to be surprised that your normal size is maybe too big, and the smaller ones fit much better :)

    Only neg, if it can be called one: Draggins couldn't resist putting some pink/cerise stitching on a pocket or two and on the belt loops! :roll:

    NB. Also tried on a size 12 pair of grey "Skins" while at the shop this morning, more as a size comparison to the Minx ... the waist gaped horribly at the back! WTF??? :? It was like someone had stretched the wrong size (bigger) waistband onto smaller jeans??? Dreadful fit around the waist :(

    How can Draggins get it so right with Minx and so wrong with Skins? :roll:

    Edit: sorry "Mods", just realised that perhaps this should have been posted in "Product Reviews"? Move it across if you wish ...

  2. Hi Blacknblue - sounds like you are pretty much the same height as my GF who has been having terrible trouble finding a size that fit properly, similar to your tales. Could you tell me where you got the minx from please?
  3. Hiya Cheeba :)

    I got mine from Brighton Kawasaki, but that's a bit of a distance from you so below is the link to Vic retailers who stock Draggin ... I'm sure you'll find a store a bit closer to you :)


    NB. they're not cheap! Expect to pay around the $240 mark :roll: (might be cheaper elsewhere?) but at the time "gritted my teeth" about the cost because I found the fit to be great ... hope your GF does too :)

  4. ;0

    i been trying to get a pair of minx. draggin is back logged aparently and they wont have any until the start of jan.
    they have the other blue stretch ones but the size 6 is too big.
    do u think these are worth holding off for?
    i really want a pair to try on b4 i make my mind up and if they are low cut chances are i will like them better.
  5. If you CAN hold out 'til Jan, at least then you'll have a really good fit comparison between Minx and their other blue jean ... for that alone, I reckon it's worth the wait: I think you'll find a pair of Minx going home with you though :)
  6. ;0

    kewl ... ill hold off. coz the other ones were a bit too big and high cut.
  7. i had to get mine taken up :oops:

    couldve made a brand new pair put of what was cut off!

    nice fit though, draggins are comfy thats for sure!
  8. Thanks Blacknblue! I'll pass all of this on :)
  9. Thats a great review, but i'm not sure how much salt i put in the opinion of someone who bothered writing a letter of complaint about an advert.

    At least you seem to have had pleeeenty of spare time to write this up for us. Nice work.
  10. re-read the OP ... I know I'm not the only one who has initially been put off by that ad

    It's called a rostered day off
  11. I'm sitting in my new Draggin Minx's now and am so surprised at how comfy they are!

    I'm also wearing the size 10s which was a thrill for what I thought was my size 12 ass until I read this thread. So they have definitely been generous with the sizing which does no harm anyway??

    Thoroughly recommend them without having even ridden in them!! For what that's worth :)
  12. Yeah, aren't they!?? :grin: And I find the fit is amazingly good too!
    Now if only I could find normal street jeans to fit so well :roll:

    Or, they've put in a 'smaller' size label: what should be a 12 is replaced with a 10 ... I'm wearing the 10s too :p

    Whatever, it doesn't matter what the label says, 20 for all I care, as long as they fit, and no bum crack! :twisted:

    Good on you Kaz for adding your 2c worth :)