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Draggin Minx Jeans - has anyone heard a review or tried them

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Racy, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. I went to the Sydney bike show on Sunday and saw the stand for Draggin Jeans, unfortunately there were too many people in there for me to go in and try on a pair - has anyone tried on a pair of the new minx jeans or heard any reviews?

    I have tried hornee but they don't fit my shape :?
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  3. In "sewing" or tailoring speak, that's a VERY SHORT back 'rise' on those Minx jeans!

    Great viewing for the fellas I'm sure, but safety? BIG NAH!

    What were 'Draggins' (not) thinking! :cry: :roll:
  4. I think these are the same ones i went in to Bikemart to buy a couple of months back but they hadn't got them in stock yet.
    The guys at Bikemart were saying that they went to the preview showing of the new Draggins and said the new ladies ones are a softer cotton and look really good. They reckon they will fly off the rack when they do finally get them in.
    Melbourne expo didn't have a Draggins stand, was not impressed :evil:

  5. DROOOOOLLLL. Stacy McMahon's rear is awesome.

    As is the front :grin:
  6. ahhhh shes one of the pumped up downunder calendar girls.. now i get it :)
  7. Great viewing for the fellas I'm sure, but safety? BIG NAH!

    That's why I wanted to try them on, I tried on hornee which shows your butt crack when standing up so you can imagine what they would show on a motorbike! :shock: Then the sales girl told me to wear boxers underneath to cover myself :roll:
  8. Re: Great viewing for the fellas I'm sure, but safety? BIG N

    Nothing wrong with CRACK!!!!! ;)
  9. <_<

    I have hornee jeans - no wonder Drewballs keeps calling me cracker :p.
  10. After seeing the Minx promo pic (of who's ever butt it is - don't care), was put off from trying them on at all ... first impression? that butt in the pic is tiny, how the hell are Draggin's newest F jean going to fit us real girls! :roll:

    Anyway, slothing around in my now fav local bike store yesterday, and the sales girl insists I try some on, even though I protested they wouldn't fit, if that promo pic was anything to go by ... "just try them!" she pushed :p

    Just to get her "off my back" headed for the changeroom, though still thinking "no way are these going to fit!"

    Dead silence of amazement from the changeroom for few mins, sales calls out to check if I'm Ok ... wander out with the Minx on in utter disbelief! :shock:

    Though a little bit hipster-ish for me, THEY FIT and THEY FEEL GORGEOUS ON! :grin: And, they are even long enough!!

    While I wrote a letter of complaint yesterday to Draggin saying how their Minx promo pic was inappropriately discouraging and bad sales pitch, gels I encourage you to go try on the new MINX! Like me, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

    Will definitely be getting a pair! :)

    Oh!! forgot to mention: they are high/long enough in the rear rise so, NO BUM CRACK SHOWING! :grin:
  11. Thank you for that review!!!! I'm like you - I saw the pic of the minx jeans and thought that cut looked totally comfortable - then I saw them on the model - and thought - damm more crack showing jeans (like hornee).
    The guys might joke about us worrying about crack - but it's not that at all - it's worrying about losing 3inches round my middle of skin if i ever come off!!
  12. Fran, and of course anyone else like us who has been thinking the same about these Minx jeans from the advert pic: get onto the Draggin website and put fwd your objections about that pic! Just maybe, if they get enough 'complaints', they might actually do something about it!

    As I wrote them, if they'd used a real woman in their advert pic alongside of or in addition to that tiny bottomed model, they'd have so much demand for Minx that they'd sell out quicker than production can keep up with!

    I bet a man thought up that ad campaign :LOL: