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Draggin Liners?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by panga, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Hey anybody tried these or know anything about them?


    Basically some Kevlar long johns that you can wear under your jeans or slacks or whatever...

    what do you guys think?

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  2. I haven't tried them, but the idea of having kevlar next to ALL your skin fills me with unspeakable dread! I wear normal Draggins with long-johns underneath, because Kevlar burns can be as bad as asphalt burns.
  3. I have a set of the K leggings, which is use when leathers arent suitable.

    They are grey though, so Im not sure if this product is different.

    Theyre comfortable, flexible and breathe well in summer.
  4. ... but, what happens to your skin when you crash in them (not that I'm suggesting that you should). Kevlar is VERY abrasive, as you can feel from just running your hand over it...
  5. I personally think they're a great idea. Besides the obvious flexibility of being able to wear whatever on top, there are a couple more key advantages.

    For one, you should be able to use these longer than stand-alone motorcycle kevlar jeans, considering that kevlar bits on motorcycle kevlar jeans normally outlast the denim bits in the wear & tear department.

    Two, they should offer better protection than regular kevlar jeans -- not only because they cover all bits of your legs, but but I know that the Draggin ones are actually dual-layered, whereas their jeans are actually single-layered. (I dunno about other brands, though)

    On the con side, because they're thicker, I'm not sure how they'd feel in the summer if you have another pair of jeans or whatever on top.
  6. The weave of the k legs is quite smooth, its not like the kevlar in the jeans from memory.

    Plus the double lining of the k legs provides 2 surfaces to slide against, instead of 1 layer pulling your skin as your tumble around.

    That theory remains untested as of yet though......
  7. mmm, Draggins also say that 'fabric softens with washing and wearing'. Sounds like the goods, thanks.
  8. Nothing, in my very low speed low side. I didn't even slide far or fast enough to wear through my normal jeans I was wearing over the top though, so it's probably not a definitive result.

    One thing to note for the every day riders, is that they get stinky fairly quickly - close to the skin and quite warm on sunny days. They do seem to dry overnight though.
  9. I have a pair of the K-legs which I've worn about 8-10 times but found them uncomfortable. The theory is sound as you wear them under any jeans, work pants etc you like but I couldn't get used to wearing two things.
    I'm actually thinking about selling them.
  10. I find them ok. Velcro sticks and pulls them though which is a little annoying... let's hope my boots don't pull a hole in them. It's quite strange riding around in normal 'restrictive' jeans haha, but you look totally normal when you get off the bike which is great.

    They are warmish, but not rediculous... shall find out how they far this summer. Probably will be back to normal draggins when it is 30+ tho
  11. have a pair of K-legs. don't jump on the bike without them.

    Find them perfectly comfortable. Sitting in uni working on assignment with them on right now.

    Come summer time, i am considering looking at a pair of draggin jeans/camos aswell. I will be push'd to make this move if these klegs push the heat come summer.