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Draggin leggings

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Draggin Legs - kevlar long-johns - are cool. And comfortable. Perhaps too comfortable, but not too cool: don't get up in the morning, put them on, they fit so nice that you feel in your distracted state like you're all dressed to go, and so you go out and get on your bike having forgotten to wear something............your pants! :cry:


  2. mmmm.....not bad. :cool:
  3. Not sure you'd buy them instead of a pair of Draggins, or as well as, but they WOULD enable you to have the same protection while wearing normal jeans.....
  4. Anyone got any? I'm wondering how hot they would be in Summer.
  5. Exactly - do you mean literally cool? They sound like they'd be good for a suit-commute, all you'd have to change when you got to work would be your jacket.
  6. Well it's Spring and I looked pretty hot!

    They breathe well, and bunch up into a little ball inside your helmet, so you can just take them off when you plan to be off the bike for any time. At the same time, in winter I wore mine all day long and they were great for warmth!
  7. ktulu just got a pair.and yes,there will be pics.
  8. Just checked the website... $235 a pop!

    I got my draggin jeans for that much!!!
  9. Yes, but that's only one pair of jeans instead of as many as you'd like to wear; you can't wear your Draggin jeans under work pants; your jeans are one size only - they don't go up or down; your kevlar is only in patches, not a full pant.
  10. I hope they are better quality then their Cargo's. After 3 months mine are falling apart.
    One thing I must say though, is these local sellers need to pick up their postage game a bit, I ordered my KLegs 7 days ago and am still waiting. I've got faster service from overseas then from interstate
  11. the look the goods. i was wearing standard leggings during the day for winter, but I could get away with it at work with a pair of shorts over em lol

    Is that a kevlar top too? Watch out Skinz and BSc [body science] lol

    I'ma pick myself up some... when i get back on the road. Kevlar woulda helped my knees out a lot :)
  12. Looks like they lost mine, lucky I called them to find out wtf.. so posting again even though I needed them for monday morning.
    They better be bloody good.
  13. never mind, just checked the website, thats a K-shirt too... hmmm, very handy!
  14. IM going to get some of those :)

    I think as long as they protect somewhat in an off in the long run they will be a hell of alot cheaper than buying a few pairs of draggins or similar.

    If anyone that has a pair would care to write a product review it would be much appreciated.

  15. I've got them and think it's awesome... you don't even notice you've got them on after a while. Keeps you warm in winter... And you can wear any pants over it... Fair enough it is a bit pricey, but if you concider Draggin pants go for $189 +, you'll save money in the long run...

    With summer coming up, it does feel a bit warmer having them on... But in saying that, wearing any protective gear in summer would make you feel hot... Protection is protection... if you value you're skin, then feeling abit uncomfortable is worth the sacrifice...