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Draggin kevlar legs (K-Legs) - kevlar burn?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gracebeey, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I do have a pair of these (which are awesome, by the way), but then I got to think about what would happen in the unfortunate event of a slide.

    With the normal Draggin jeans I know that kevlar burn is almost inevitable - hence quite a few people (Hornet600 comes to mind :LOL: ) preache the practicality of wearing long johns / leggings / leotards underneath - which apparently effectively prevents the burn.

    The K-Legs are leggings/long johns to begin with, but unlike the normal Draggin jeans, the kevlar isn't yellow (I don't know why - it is the Aramid type - maybe that's the reason?). It feels softer, and it is also double layered.
    Do you think that in a slide it would still cause kevlar burn?

    From what I know, kevlar burn happens because the kevlar (which doesn't tear) essentially 'sticks' to the ground, hence friction with skin causes the burn. Considering the k-legs are double layered, wouldn't one layer 'stick' to the ground, and the other protect the skin?

    Your opinions are much appreciated!

  2. Whatever the answer, I'll take a harmless rash-from-friction-burn-against-my-pants over go-to-hospital-and-get-scrubbed-with-a-steel-brush-rash-from-pieces-of-asphalt-embedded-into-my-flesh any day. :)
  3. But you don't have to have EITHER. The pants protect you from the latter, and something UNDER the pants protects you from the former :wink:.
  4. ah yes - but in that case what protects you from the sweat rash 'cos your legs got so damn hot? :p
  5. A Melbourne winter, worn on the outside...
  6. Are the two layers sewn together? I can't speak from experience, but it makes sense to me that unless the two layers can move independently of each other, the inner layer will be just as stuck to the road as the outer one.
  7. The HORNEE jeans have the Kevlar stiched between 2 layers of cotton. If you grab the outsidr and the inside of the jeans and move them, you can feel the sheet of kevlar in there.
  8. :? We must have different model Hornees. The ones I bought last October just have one layer of yellow Kevlar sown inside the denim...
  9. If you're wearing NORMAL jeans and you come off, the jeans will grip the road and tear, and your leg will keep moving inside of the jean. With Kevlar lining, your leg keeps moving against an abrasive surface that isn't as bad as the road, for sure, but it still burns. Another layer of cotton or some softer fabric between the skin and the kevlar is the answer.
  10. I've gone for a slide in my Hornee's and didn't get any burns, and they've only got 2 small holes that I can barely get a finger through.