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Draggin K-Legs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Clayt0nB, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Just curious if anyone has a pair?

    Very interested in the idea and they would be very practical for me.

    How do they feel when wearing them, do your legs still breathe or are they really hot? Also, are they only kevlar or do they have a lining at all?

    I have read a little bit on them but have not received any solid information.

  2. Don't have em but found this info:

    • A full Kevlar long john that can be worn under any trouser
    • Double lined with Kevlar at knees and backside
    • Very breathable
    • Fully washable
    • Fabric softens with washing and wearing

    Each Draggin Jeans product is lined with a revolutionary combination of Kevlar® and Dyneema®, the World's Strongest Fibre™. Soft, breathable, flexible and non-allergenic the Draggin Jeans lining is hugely superior to basic woven or knitted Kevlar® alternatives.
    Draggin Jeans' patented positioning system ensures that each of the primary contact points are well covered. Inserted during the manufacturing process and secured with heavy duty stitching, the revolutionary lining is specifically designed and positioned to keep skin safe at all legal speed limits.
    CE Approved armour is also available and can easily be fitted to the knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and back of each Draggin Jeans product to enhance rider safety in impact situations.

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  3. I have no experience with these but I'd be worried about the heat up here mate. I can't see having something that is that thick and that close fitting being a good thing on a hot and humid qld summer day. At least the jeans would be slighly less snug allowing some air flow.
    Just my opinion of course. Asking a forum full of riders with a strong Victorian presence may find a different opinion come to the fore, but they dont ride in the type of conditions that you do.
  4. I've got them. They're not too bad, depends how tight the pants you have over them are. You get use to them, but they do get a little hot in the warmer weather (I wouldn't wear them in summer).

    And afaik they're completely kevlar, no lining. And they're double layer of kevlar so they're actually quite thick, think of a pair of trackie pants but with double layers and thats about how thick they are.
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  5. K-Legs have become a very popular option recently. The previous post is a very accurate description of this product. Best you try a pair on or if that is not possible check the Draggin web site for sizing. Often riders in warmer climates wear the K-Legs or K-Shirt as an outer garment. To look at you would think they were a dark pair of tracksuit pants. I hope this information helps.
  6. Thanks guys for all the info, really useful.

    If they are so thick, how heavy are they?
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  7. They're actually really light. Maybe 1/2 or 1/3 of what normal draggin jeans weigh.
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  8. Hmm well I'm very interested but not too sure what Id do in summer.

    Thanks guys
  9. Stubbies and thongs!
  10. Personally speaking I love them. Means I can wear whatever pants I want and they keep you warm in winter. Not cheap but 100% worth it. In summer I usually stick to wearing my draggin slix.
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