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Draggin K-legs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mogley, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if any of you have any experience with the K-legs?

    I like the idea of having the option of kevlar undearneath and plan to pair them with some armour undershorts and jeans on top.

    Otherwise i can go the standard Draggins. I like the cut of the new Slix but not sure if i am a fan of the faux-shiny leather look. (Plus the legs are waaay too long on me although that could be fixed with a tailor i guess).

  2. They've been my protection for a good number of years now. I love them because a) I can wear any jeans over them and b) I can wear the same pair regardless of whether I gain or lose weight.

    My only criticism is that they are quite hot in summer, like wearing woolen long-johns. I've not worn normal kevlar jeans but I strongly suspect they'd be cooler because they'd not be hugging my legs as the K-legs do. But for the above reasons I stick with my K-legs.
  3. Thanks matt. Strangely i cannot search properly but there seems to be some threads on these already.

    But now that we're here already...How thick are they? If I were to wear padded armour underneath would it all be too much? Just feel like my hips/tail bone is just as vulnerable as the arms and deserve a bit of padding.
  4. I've been a bit confused about who the main users of K-legs are. I'm able to use the Draggin Chinos around the office but have to admit from time to time consider the K-legs when I need to wear more formal pants to work for an interview or presentation etc but I think even then I could only wear them in the winter months without sweating like a pig.

    If you intend to wear jeans over them anyway, I'd probably be inclined to get just a standard pair of Draggin Jeans. There are heaps on ebay from aussie sellers that are really no more expensive than regular jeans or you could also have a look at Takami's (motolegion?) ones plus there seems to be a current netrider supporter advertising some.

    In either event some extra padding is probably worthwhile but TBH I never really do this.
  5. I don't wear armour, but you'd want to wear it on top of the k-legs, I'd say. The reason being that protective clothing should be as a tight a fit as is possible within the limitations of comfort etc. For if you go for a slide your skin can burn or sc**** against the clothing itself.

    I don't see any reason you couldn't buy some soft armour and stitch pockets over the knees etc to take them. I assume one can buy elastic thread.
  6. I wear both the Klegs and the Draggin Chinos (not at the same time). The draggins are handy for work, and the Kelgs are handy for everything else.

    Matt B has highlighted the benefits re being able to wear them under any sort of long sleeve pant. I'd add that as its usually the denim that wears out before the kevlar, its nice to be able to just replace the denim. Ie, I can buy a new pair of jeans for a lot less than a new pair of draggins.