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Draggin K-Legs & Alpinestars Fastlane review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by arlennnn, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. *sigh* I just realised I made a newbie error and clicked the wrong forum ](*,)8-[

    So I was looking at an alternative to the baggy Kevlars and gigantic boots that I could wear to go down to the local shops or use if I need to go out somewhere "nice".

    Then I found out about the draggin k-legs. I thought, for about the same price as a pair of regular Draggins, they'd be a great investment so that I wasn't stuck with the same pair of jeans day in day out.

    And I wanted a shoe that I could wear both on and off the motorcycle and that didn't stand out too much. And now I know all about the benefits of motorcycle boots for ankle protection and such, but I just wanted something for going to nearby places. That's where I found these Alpinestars fastlanes. Now I don't see them as a direct replacement to my Oxstars, but rather an alternative if the situation fits (such as going into the city for a night out).

    So I finally got my order and tested them out straight away. Firstly the k-legs are amazing. Wore them under a pair of slim fit chino's and after a while you forget that they're even on. I loved the fact that they're a double layer, and that they protect you from hip to feet. They're not too thick, and feel just like wearing trackies, they're that soft. If you're after an alternative to kevlars, I'd definitely consider them. The only thing I'd suggest is sewing on an elastic strip to go beneath your feet.

    Now to the shoes. The level of protection as compared to my Oxstar boots is like chalk and cheese. While they have a reinforced heel section, and good covering of leather over the entire shoe, the ankle only gets padded protection. During a slide they'd be great, but if the bike fell on you, bye bye ankles. Overall though they felt extremely sturdy on my feet and the sole is very grippy.

    I cannot stress how good of an investment the k-legs are, even if its just for that bit of extra safety underneath your textile or kevlars. For the price you pay, it means you have more options of jeans to wear on top.

    The shoes were fairly cheap, and they're great for what they are, a shoe used for short commutes. They're a good compromise over not wearing boots at all, but definitely not an alternative. They look cool enough to wear around the shops and I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear them to uni.

    I hope I didn't ramble on, because it felt like I was rambling :LOL:
  2. Hmmm, what about when it hits 40 degrees in summer? I doubt the K-legs would still be viable as you'd sweat so much you'd dehydrate. A good winter option I suppose.

    I agree about the baggy kevlar jeans - is it that hard to make a fashionably cut kevlar jean??
  3. Couldn't agree with you more, they're be about as good as wearing trackies. But for winter they're great, keeps you nice and toasty
  4. Not at all - contact Rhok, for a little more money they'll make them to your measurements ;)