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Draggin Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Andrew-G, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I just got a pair of Draggin Jeans and i must say that they are a quality product. For those who dont know what they are, they look just like normal cotton jeans but they have the protection of kevlar. Mine cost me around $220 after shipping to hobart, which i thought was a bit exxy, but the quality is worth it i think, as well as the piece of mind having my lower half more protected. I reccomend them.

  2. This message proudly brought to you by the Draggin' Jeans clothing company.
  3. ahahah rolf.
  4. Thanks for the advert Andrew G.
    They may be a bit on the expensive side but hey what price do you put on your skin getting torn off in a fall
    I have the jeans for summer and a long sleeve T shirt for summer and also wear the T under my bike jacket for that little bit more protection.

    If you happen to get to the Motogp they usually have a stand with some good specials.
    Hey listen to me, now I'm starting to sound like a Draggins ad.
  5. Well I must say that wearing mine for only 29,000kms every workday for the last 18 months I am not happy! They have worn a hole in the crutch, jeez shoddy workmanship or what! :p :p

    Taking tounge out of cheek, they are ace. But I will be lookign at the hornee jeans or BMW next. :grin:
  6. I've done about 24,000km of riding in one pair, before that pair got a small rip above the kevlar at the knee. I'll patch that pair up and relegate it to chainsaw use only. That pair saved my ass once too :cool:

    I got a new pair and even though it's the same style the demin seems to be even more sturdier then the older pair when i got it...
  7. So what are the major criticsms of draggin' jeans?
    Apparently some people were saying there are some inherent flaws in their design.

    Something about easily tearing or something....I can't remember.
    I try to take it all with a grain of salt.
  8. Never heard of them tearing except when dragged along the road for a while, even then the kevlar holds up pretty good!

    One instance comes to mind was when mattyB went riding with Loz [poor boy] and he dropped his bike pretty hard and only the denim was torn, not matty!
  9. They're only good for one crash.
  10. ... so are most humans.

    btw jeans I wear (that are not on the market yet) have ridden with me over 30,000klms last year and approx 45,000k all up. should be available later this year.
  11. Personally, I think they're crap.

    Mine are only 8 months old and there are now 2 x holes worn into them above the kevlar knee inserts on each leg. I think the kevlars great but perhaps they could use a better quality denim?
  12. So they only have kevlar patching around weak spots?
    They're not entirely protected? Or is the entire trouser made of kevlar stitching?
  13. Bought a pair of Chino dragin jeans last year, like wearing chaff bags and the stiching is letting go in a couple of places...never again...will buy a pair of Joe rocket alto ego textiles next time , or something simular.
  14. I have those also, very comfy and I really like them.
  15. Kevlar is added to impact points - knees, hips and down the outside leg, butt. Heavier weight denim is used than normal jeans (this is of course referring to the regular Draggin jeans).
  16. I've got 5 or 6 pairs.. they're all about 2yrs old, still going strong :)
  17. I like my draggins.

    The joe rockets seem alright, but they're designed more for fashion than protection.

    Munecito seems wrapped in the Red Wolf ones he bought so they may be worthy of a look too. were way cheaper than either the draggins or the joe rockets. If they're still available they'll probably be my next set.

  18. I've had two decent slides while wearing draggin jeans, first one they survived with one small scrape on a seam, the cordova jacket I was wearing at the time was ripped to shreds.

    Second time was a wooden bridge, the deck bolts ripped a hole in the knee of the draggins, straight thru the kevlar, but they saved my skin from everything bar a relatively minor scrape. If I had the knee armour fitted, I would have got away unharmed (note to self... waer the freakin armour you idiot!!!)

    I was wearing a lightweight draggin jacket the second time, not one scratch on it.

    Personally, I reckon they're brilliant, not as good as leather. but much more comfortable, esp in the heat. If you're comfortable, the more likely to concentrate.
    Plus.. they're an Oz company, they've always given me great service.
  19. I don't like them due to the itchiness of the lined kevlar.
    I prefer Hornee's as it has a more smoother
  20. I have a pair of the khaki cargo pants from Draggin. Have a small rip on a pocket where it got caught on a bit o metal I walked past. I have looked at all the other brands as well but find that the better looking ones don't tend to have as much kevlar.

    I like that kevlar around my knees because as well as being abrasion resistant, it helps protect me knees from the cold wind down here. Its freeking cold riding in normal jeans atm!