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Draggin Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by western wolf, May 29, 2006.

  1. hey all looking at the range of draggin jeans was wondering if anyone has bought or has an opinion on these


    Looking for a pair of riding jeans with a bit more than normal and thought these could be a goer.

  2. can tell u now that about 80-90% of the riders here have a pair and swear by them
    u can even get amour for them as well
    they are great and wear them out to town as well :grin: :grin:
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  4. i wear that style, they're very good. though the fly does come undone by itself but mehhh more ventilation in summer :p ...perhaps not so good in a crash though :shock:
  5. ^can't say i've ever had that problem! :LOL:
    Great things draggins. I can live with the bruises, I can't live without my skin.
  6. I got Lil some custom made to fit her legs for her birthday and she loves them.
    If you have a problem with the zip then go down and see them or call them and Im sure they will replace the zip.
    They have been great with us so far, and replaced a zip too.
    the zip is meant to lock when the toggle is facing down. Just incase...
  7. I reckon the draggins are great, i've got a pair of the urban camo cargos. When i got them the guy threw in the knee armour for only 15bucks or so and the hip armour for 30 or so (the hip armour needs to have extra pockets sewn in). That was from their actual shop in Sth Melb, which i think is cheaper then some places
  8. other than being a bit tight (which is my fault for getting fatter), I have been very happy with my draggin jeans. Have done a few long days in them (1500km's odd) and they were always comfy.

    Oh, and if you are springing for gear, make sure you get some proper boots. I learnt the hard way about shoe laces (and draggins taper nicely down over the boots).
  9. I love my draggins, more comfortable than ordinary jeans and they keep you warmer with the kevlar patches which is handy this time of year. Never ride without em'
  10. Draggins are great, i've got some. But have to admit they dont really suite the retarded shape of my body. I seem to be skinny and have no bum at all so the draggins look overly saggy in the bottom region. Great product but the cut doesnt do me any favours.
  11. My husband has the same problem, skinny as and no bum...nothing he wears is flattering in that area :rofl:

    Back on topic, I love my Draggings, very comfy.

    I was looking at a different brand at work the other day, and they are fully lined with kevlar, (not just knees and hips) but I can't remember the name of them. I'll have another look tomorrow.

    BTW, they were a bit cheaper than Draggin's too.
  12. Yeah that's what suprised me, the comfort of the kevlar on your skin and the warmth.

    BTW, I WON mine on their website monthly giveaway :grin: :p

    and I will buy another pair of cargo's b4 summer.

    LOVE Draggin!
  13. My Draggins are the classic cut, so no comment on the comfort ones, but they look good, may have to go try on a pair. I was told though that Draggin's use a similar cut to Levi's, not sure how true that is but they seem to be similar to me, and I like Levi's as well - maybe these are the same as Levi's relaxed fit? Was just reading Draggin's site and it says they used to manufacture under license for Levi but sold that portion off a while ago, so maybe that is the case..
  14. I tried the classic cut ones and didn't dig them at all. The comfort fit cargos cosset my burgeoning arse in style.

    I wear em every day and have chucked them down the road a few times with great success. Get the velcro-in knee pads, tops in a crash but great to have in when you're doing maintenance too 'cause it's like you've got pillows strapped to your knees. Get your missus some with a wink ;)
  15. yeah there is a brand called 'stitch' (think that's right) that actually have the kevlar mixed in with the material. not quite sure how it works. but i also think they are quite a bit cheaper to about $150. but i have no seen them in anyshops yet. i'll have to keep a look out.
  16. :eek: i never knew that, just tried it and problem solved! i never knew flies were so ingenious. thanks for the tip!
  17. .

    Thats a great idea! You are a genius..
  18. I'm surprised Cheng doesn't leave you bruised and battered.....on 2nd thought, you would probably enjoy that :p
  19. Hey there is a new shop in Brighton, near Brighton Kawasaki, I believe it's called Moto Heaven. They have these jeans I think. I had a brief look at them Saturday and they seemed ok, very stylish, but I think I still like the big pads in the draggins more (mental safety factor).

    My girlfriend crashed in Draggins at about 60kph (Smashed her ZZR up real good) and had a big skid ride. The Draggins did a great job, no leg injuries at all. I don't go out on my bike without mine on since that day. Simple cheap investment for your legs I say :grin:
  20. Love my draggins, will be getting a pair of leather pants to go with my jacket for more spirited riding but will wear draggins 90% of the time.

    Have not stacked in them [touches wood - no comments people] but from all accounts they seem to hold up pretty damn good.

    I think it was Hornet600 playing old wise sage who said buy a pair of bike shorts to go under the draggins as the kevlar is pretty rough. I have done this and there is a hole in the shorts from the kevlar, so maybe a good idea as I have soft skin :p :p

    Oh and you will want two pairs!