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Draggin Jeans...?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Owen, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Hey all, new to it all. Buying all my gear now, got my L's in 2 weeks.
    Are Draggin jeans any good, they are expensive ($199) and i know they are kevlar, but they seem kinda thin, would a pair of armoured dririders or equivalent ($160) be better or not?

    Thanks all

    -Owen 8)
  2. Draggins are great, warm in winter and no hotter than jeans in summer, good protection and you can wear them like normal jeans without looking like you just stepped off the race track. Search the archives here because there are also a couple of threads about actual crash experiences with them too!
  3. Draggins have excellent abrasive resistance with their kevlar lining, but obviously offer no impact protection - so if you land hard, broken bones are likely.

    For that reason, some DriRider pants with armour might be better - but they're not as practical, as you need to change when you jump off the bike.

    Cover both bases - you can get armour inserts from Draggin jeans. Depends ultimately on what sort of riding you want to do, where you'll be doing it. :)
  4. Search for draggin jeans and you'll find a wealth of info as well as ways to reduce the costs for getting a pair. There was a thread about a week ago that covered the topic pretty comprehensively.
  5. The kevlar type jeans are a good option, but if you go that option make sure you spend an extra $25 or so on waterproof overpants. Denim doesn't do rain, even with kevlar.

  6. Bingo!

    I commute every day so draggins are no good.
    1. not water proof - need over pants too.
    2. either need multiple pairs or wear the same pants every day

    I reckon if you are not commuting it would be good to switch from riding to walking around (or whatever) with the no hassle that draggins provide.
    But if commuting Wearing what you want underneath is great.
  7. I actually commute in my Draggins, Bogus - the fact their not water proof doesn't really bother me usually. After all, my leather jacket isn't water proof either! So yeah, really wet days I wear a rain suit, otherwise I just live with being slightly damp for an hour or two at work.

    And yes, I wear the same pair everyday. I AM planning to get some more. ;)
  8. just thought i would take this opportunity to send some praise in the direction of Draggin's.

    the pair i bought about a month ago for no apparent reason developed a tiny hole in the denim to the side of the knee (which increased to a tear about a centimetre long). :?

    i shot off an email to ben at draggin's explaining the problem and he told me to send them down and he's see what he could do. he called me yesterday and explained that to fix the situation they are going to add another layer of denim across the knee in question as well as the same on the other knee (so that they match) - if nothing else it will provide a tiny bit more protection. add to that the fact he said he is throwing in free cap because i had to go for a weekend ride without them - i'm one happy camper :D
  9. draggins are a BARE MINIMUM comfort over protection compromise. a pair of dririders would protect you better, but will make you sweat like all buggery in summer. draggins are a little warmer than jeans, but not much, you still get most of the wind so shyte in winter but great in summer.

    i've gone from unimpressed with them due to the quality of my first pair, to impressed after seeing a mate stack a couple of times in a newer pair, and back to unimpressed after a ride this weekend which saw another mate gouge his knee to the point of almost being able to see his kneecap when his draggins just ripped in half (he's gunna buy some leathers before he gets back on the road now)

    i'd say for a low KM commute or squirt down to the shops, go for them, but for a decent ride, i'm a big fan of leathers now (or cordura if its wet, but then you arent riding as hard either). IMO, draggins are a luxury item that you get after youve got your first cordura suit and the leathers that follow for when you wanna ride hard, you get them to ride over to your mates place or to a party to impress chicks with by rocking up on a bike 8)

    i guess if you must get them, get the jeans, as far as i can tell, they hold up MUCH better than the cargos :D
  10. What do you do when they are in the wash?
  11. you're meant to wash jeans :eek: ?

    unless i spill something on them, i only wash my jeans (draggin's or regular) about once every three months... i read somewhere they age better (read: fade) the less you wash them 8)
  12. I may ride a motorbike, but I don't want to be a smell bastard. :LOL:

    If you're anything like me then even if you are washing jeans just because you spilt something then your washing them every couple of weeks.
  13. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9239&highlight=draggin




    There is more contained in other threads.