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Draggin jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Krooza, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Has anyone in motorbike world tested out draggins at full speed? Please share...

  2. only upright, sorry, and planning on keeping it that way! Very comfortable in the "normal" mode, though!!!
  3. Definitely not at full speed but I did go for a slide with a pair. They held up very well (didnt get any skin to road other than the gap when the jacket rode up) and the blood washed out easily too.

    :D :D :D
  4. If only all get off's were that well controlled. :LOL:
  5. Thats the main thing templemonkey, that the blood washes out.

    Thanx for the link Dan. Good luck keeping upright hornet600.
  6. Maybe we could apply to the TAC for a grant to buy SOBIL, Marty and Matt a pair each. Data won't take long to accumulate. :LOL: :LOL:
  7. takagawa came off doing 100 (maybe a little under as he was braking before he came off) on the monash recently wearing draggins and he didn't get any road rash, did have a sore leg but that's to be expected.

    i'm wearing mine right now, love them :D
  8. A few of the people I ride with have unfortunatly and they held up fine

  9. Already got 4 pairs. But save my crashing for cordura gear with CE Armour.
  10. My Draggin's held up really well in my little road luge effort.
    The only bad bit i can really comment on is it would've been nice to have something between the kevlar and my knee... as the biggest scar was left where the kevlar ripped my skin off (bigger than the little scar i got from the road rash on my upper right hip).
  11. Was that due to the kevlar heating up while sliding and 'melting' onto the skin?
  12. At 50km/h not likely.
    The impact point was my right knee, which can be seen by a 5c piece size mark on my Draggins. It was this 5c piece sized impact point that actually pushed the kevlar into my skin; then being pulled at an angle (perpendicular to impact) ripped the skin off clean off my knee. I'd liken it to coarse textile sandpaper, but not as bad as hitting the road with fashion jeans or similar.

    It would simply need a layer of cotton on the inside of the kevlar lining to take the cutting ability out of the large weave kevlar. I think another manufacturer actually does do that (perhaps Spidi / Sidi?).
  13. joe rocket jeans have the metal (like a dishwashing pad) in theirs and a liner of fabric between you and it. Downside is they don't go down the side of the leg like the draggin's do :)
  14. Yup, I tested mine at a 100km/h drop last week :LOL:

    I forgot to take a picture of it, before I handed it to AAMI. In a nutshell, seriously skin saver. I was left with just some grazing on my right leg. The kevlar was breached but only a hole the size of half a five cent piece. Definately paid itself off, and would recommend to anyone.
  15. I plan to buy a pair next pay.
  16. $200 for Draggin Jeans
    $50 for knee armour
    ~$40 for hip padding

    Jeesh, just shell out the extra bit and go for proper leather! Atleast then you get the knee sliders - but then i guess you gotta buy a nail file. ;)
  17. umm, the knee armour is $22 not $50 :roll: :wink: