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Draggin Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Blueser, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Had my bike 7 months now and I have been riding around in jeans and a MotoDry jacket and am feeling a bit vulnerable.

    I don't want to spend a fortune on leather pants, also I image they would be really hot to ride in summer.

    Has anyone bought any of these Draggin jeans? What do you think of them as far as a cheaper alternative for protection?

    I'm not sure who the Aus-Melbourne distributor is for them also. I thought that they were an Aussie company, after searching in Google I can only see the USA website.
  2. I've got a pair of Draggins, and I reckon they're pretty decent. OK, so they're NOT going to be AS safe as a pair of armoured leathers, but they're convenient and feel reassuring. Quality seems good too.

    They're located off Kings Way in South Melbourne (its a road just off Park Street). If you are an MRA member they'll give you a discount - don't know about Netrider though. They cater for larger sizes pretty well too - I found a pair off the rack, which is literally unheard of for me.
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  4. Beat me to it. Damnn phone rang!

    Address: 196 Wells Street, South Melbourne,
    Victoria, 3205, Australia
    Tel: 61 03 9696 1622
    Fax: 61 03 9696 1644
    Email: info@dragginjeans.com.au
    Mobile: 0413 154000- Grant Mackintosh
  5. Hi

    Thanks for the info I'll drop in and check them out.
  6. personally i dont like draggin' jeans.. all it does is tear them up and make them dirty...
    baahhh hahahahha.. oh im so not funny...
  7. :shock:
  8. I prefer DJs to leathers as they're cooler in warmer weather, and I don't feel like I'm in a strait jacket.

    They're also warmer than normal jeans in cold weather.

    The pair that I have are comfortable, and with the padding around the bum area, it makes it a bit easier on the derriere on longer rides.

    For winter/wet weather riding, though, I wear DriRider pants.

    As for protection, like leathers, they'd help you protect against abrasions, etc. In a high speed spill, I'd imagine that a more pressing concern would be with regards to fractures, which no protective clothing can guard against.
  9. :shock:
  10. There isn't much you can do about high speed crush injuries. But if you can prevent loss of skin due to abrasion then infection is less of an issue and survivability is much higher.

    I really like my DJs but I am yet to test their crash function
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  12. I would love to get some DJ's, but I tried on size 6 and the damn things almost fell off me. I have to get them custom made :cry:
  13. crotchrocket, you got some issues :? :wink:

    i got a pair of the cargos, and honestly, i reckon a decent pair of jeans would be safer. sure enough, they have a couple of kevlar pads in them, but what happens if you land on anything but your knees or bum? you get road rash is what!

    not saying they wouldnt do what they say they will, provided you slide on the kevlar bits, you're probly gunna be allright. but if you miss the kevlar patch, you'll end up with just as much rash as a standard pair of daks.

    i wouldn't wasate another $200 on a pair of these, leathers may be hotter, but you can only grow back so much skin...
  14. How exactly does one land on other parts of legs than butt, hips and knees - I shudder to think about the extent of injuries that must have previously occured if you manage to slide on your calves/shins/thighs without the abovementioned spots taking 90%+ of the abrasive forces...

    I wear DJ when I ride, and will never wear normal jeans. I do plan on getting full leathers at some point though.
  15. Draggin jeans are fantastic so are the spidi ones.

    i have a pair for sale brand new if ur interested :)
  16. the kevlar on draggins is in the bum and knees only (unless you get them altered to suit you, more $$$). you land on your thigh and you'll feel road, you land on your knee the wrong way and it'll twist around and you'll feel road, even land on the kevlar and remove the stitching and what are you left with? road :wink:

    i'm sure the jeans are a bit better for this, but i'd prefer to wear my levis any day over the dragin cargos. i do still wear them on short rides, but they're really just another pair of pants to me now. if i'm gunna be doing anything even remotely serious, its leather or at the very least, cordura. really, they're $200 worth of security blanket. i doubt they're worth shit all in the real world, but if it makes you feel better on the road, its all good....
  17. Well I think its important to wear whats comfortabel for the rider. If u like the levis, the DJ's or leathers then thats personal coice, what ever u pick is fine.

    But in reality all they really do is prevent degloving of the skin and help reduce the risk of burns and road rash. They dont prevent any bone breakages etc if ur hit or land harshly when comming off the bike.

    So, in my book, its all about comfort and enjoying the ride (and hopefully not coming off).

  18. aye, one doesn't want to come off if they can help it. but sometimes sheet happens, and you really ought to be wearing something that might help prevent skin loss. and yes, breakages cant be stopped, but you can keep the damage to a minimum and you can stop bits from falling off by wearing the right gear. it might mean a difference of a few months in rehab :shock:

    i'm not saying squeeze into the $3000 leathers every time you go down to the milk bar, that'd just be a waste of time. all i'm getting at is that the protection offered by draggins is bare minimum and not much more than a standard pair of jeans. dragin jeans (not cargos) i dont doubt have better protection than standard jeans, but dont be suprised when you lose half the skin on your legs in that 100kph stack.

    i've been buggering around with textile gear for a while now, and i've just seen the light. read a few stories on stacks and you start putting the pieces together: those that wear the right gear (full leathers) generally end up a helluvalot happier in a stack.

    still, best advise around would be not to stack. so far so good for me i reckon :D
  19. a friend of mine came of his bike at around 20-30 a week after he got it. he had quite a few bruises, but his draggin jeans held up well and didnt really wear at all.

    i dont wear them myself, but they are quite comfy and are definitey better then regular jeans.

    check out MTA (motorcycle training academy) in dandenong/doveton, they can order them and you'll get them cheaper then bike shops (try them on in a bike shop first so you can tell them what to order)
  20. I tested my normal just jeans jeans when I came off and all they did was to make me spend time sowing and patching up the holes. I'm looking at getting a pair of DJ for when I go up to QLD where my Motodry pants will kill me.