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Draggin Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jag131990, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Where to buy folks? I'm interested in the cheapest prices possible. Takamii I'm looking at you here

  2. I believe Tak makes his own jeans. Not Draggin's. Have you tried Google?
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    I've tried eBay. Im looking for some knowledge/opinions from you people
  4. waste of money
  5. Give the Kitbag a call and see if they've got any of their kevlar jeans left in your size. They're clearing stock and I paid $37 a pair two weeks ago. Good quality gear.

    If they haven't, Takamii's are as good a price as any I've seen and have better kevlar coverage than most. Not to mention a host of satisfied customers.

    I doubt if I'll be buying actual Draggins again, 'cos the last pair of chinos I bought off them are a really weird shape and quite uncomfortable.
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  6. Do you want Draggins or takamis product?

    I'm thinking you need to do a bit more research.
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    Cheers mate will look into it
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    Yeah. Ill look on takaiis website. Didn't realise at first he made his own I just remembered a post about pants mentioning him. Ill look on his website. Definitely need to do more research
  9. You should also take a look at Hornee jeans also, better fitted shape for me over draggin, or as others have said Takamii's has good reviews on his
  10. hornee are also a rip off,
    but yeah better fit than Draggins that's fer sure.
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  12. Or go on a diet for a week
  13. They're local for me so I get to go in and poke around in the stock occasionally. I'd add the disclaimer that I don't have first hand experience of their Spectra jeans. Mine are their older design of kevlar lined jobs. I haven't crashed in them yet but an eyeball inspection makes me more confident in their construction than I am in Draggins product. My last couple of pairs have lasted me three years and are still fine structurally but are a bit faded for office wear.

    In my experience the sizes are fairly true or even a bit generous. I'm a fat bastard these days and take a 102-107 in most strides but my kevlars are a 38 and a tight but acceptable fit on me.
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    So I'm on rhok.com.au. doesn't have pants but. Does takamii have another domain?

    Edit: found on eBay. Bare with me guys I'm on a smartphone with a data connection lol
  15. My old set were Hornee's. Fit really well, but the denim is really thin - so there's not much protection as the denim rips on small impacts, causing the kevlar sections to move.

    I got a set of MotoLegions for Christmas and these feel so much better - thick Denim, inserts for knee/shin pads. My one whinge would be its weight (Hornee's were not much heavier than regular jeans), but I guess that comes with the territory.

    My $0.02.
  16. I have had Draggins, now own Takamii's Motorlegion, and I can say that I wont buy Draggins again.
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    On this topic it's a good idea to do your research.

    Plenty of good "feedback" on lots of the cheap brands rolling out of Pakistan/China/where ever, my advice take most of it with a grain of salt. A majority of the "feedback" of it is motivated by lower cost or better style, neither of which matter when you come off.

    IMO it is a shame that more manufacturers don't subject their products to testing (and I don't mean, "ZOMG I rolled down the road and I'm fine" type testing), most, particularly a lot of these new start ups are pretty cagey about releasing any info on their products.
  18. Personally, from my own experience and that of others, you are just as well off in a pair of moleskin jeans as you are in kevlar linned jeans.

    If you want real protection wear leather, anything less is a compromise.
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  19. Dunno about just as well off. I think the extra layer, whatever it's made of, is a useful thing.

    But I've been up the road myself in (heavy) denim (at a decent speed too, not just an urban tumble) and seen the aftermath of others doing the same, back in the days when kevlar jeans barely existed and leather was the domain of serious tourers and wannabe racers, and I'm fairly confident that decent conventional jeans, whilst not ideal, are far from the gravel rash inducers that they are now conventionally held to be.

    Further to that, in my last crash I slid 40-50m in a pair of Draggin chinos. I suffered gravel rash to my calf where the led rode up (pretty much inevitable for any conventional trouser cut when sliding feet first) and a patch on my hip where the side seam burst. However, the arse took the brunt of the slide and, apart from a couple of pinholes, the cotton drill fabric was polished smooth and shiny but wasn't holed. In short, the kevlar played almost no role in providing any abrasion protection in that particular crash.

    That said, given that my last pair of kevlars cost $37, which is less than I'd expect to pay for good conventional jeans, why wouldn't you?

    IMHO, for most crashes likely to be suffered by the learner or the commuting rider (as opposed to the weekend twisty basher), impact protection is more important than abrasion resistance. I can think of few places on my regular routes where I'm going to experience a 100+m MotoGP type slide but I can think of plenty (most of my regular trips in fact) where I'm going to be playing snooker with half the traffic, kerbs and street furniture in WA. Abrasion proitection will do me a limited amount of good. Armour is more likely to save me some pain.
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