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Draggin Jeans vs Textile Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by starlet, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. I have a pair of Ixon textile pants that have knee armour. I've had a look at a few Draggin Jeans and they don't have knee armour in them :?

    Is it "bad" to wear Draggins with no knee armour?
    Or should you pull out the armour you have and fit them into the Draggins (can you do that? :oops:)

  2. i just wear knee guards under the draggins. got some basic atcitulated ones for about the $50 mark. takes a bit of getting used to especially when gripping tnak with knees....but you get used to it.

    i've worn mine day ata stretch and hardly noticed them by the end of the day
  3. Pretty sure you can buy knee armour for draggins, but like said before, wearing something underneath won't hurt.
  4. I've got some velcro in ones for my jeans, take a bit of getting used to... both times i've been off without them in, and both times i've smegged my knees up. If anything put them in to avoid kevlar burn
  5. I think better off buying the knee guards and strapping em on your leg instead of velcro on the pants.
  6. yeah, the kneepads in the draggins can still move easy, unless ur wearing the new Draggins "skinnyleg" :LOL: (do they have them? :?)
    think about it, if you can move the armour around your leg coz the material has enough slack, so can the road...
  7. Starlett,

    What sort of textile pants? Are they the cordura type?

    Draggins/Hornee/<insert brand here> have kevlar to avoid road rash - they do nothing for impact damage.

    Cordura armoured pants will provide road rash protection by virtue of the armour and some by the fact that cordura is hard wearing, but it's the armour that minimises impact damage.

    The velcro pads for your draggins are OK, but the strap on knee pads (+1 wearing those) are much better.

    FWIW's, for most wet or any twisty riding that I choose to wear draggins, I also go the strap on knee pads, otherwise, I usually tool around with just the draggins.


  8. Yep they are.

    I've just been looking around at different Draggins (didn't note the exact brand).

    Sounds like I should be strapping on the armour to the jeans when I buy a pair.
    Thanks for all your replies, you all answered my question :grin:
  9. I'm also one to ware cheepy motorcross style greves under my dragins. (hornees)
    I actually feel safer set up like that than waring the Dri rider cordura pants. The armour feels less libal to shift.
  10. Starlet, strap the armour underneath the jeans... that way there's more chance they'll stay in position if the worst eventuates... and you also avoid the kevlar rash/burn...
  11. They used to sell big softish CE armour pads for draggins, they were great. Now they sell these weird plastic knee cups that are super uncomfortable so I never use the b*stards.

    Dainese and loads of other companies make a knee/shin protection unit that straps on under yer dacks like the others are saying. Personally I'd find those annoying to use, as the reason you buy draggins is so you can wear 'em around all day OFF the bike, but protection-wise, they'd be the best thing out there.
  12. Loz mate, surely you don't have any aversion to dropping yer draggins to remove said strap on knee armour.....??? :LOL:
  13. I'll drop my draggins when and where *I* like. The other moon doesn't have its goddamn schedule dictated by its wardrobe!
  14. :rofl: [​IMG]

  15. Why not stick to the Ixon textile pants? Jeans look better though and my climber pants are wind proof and offer no ventilation but are great in the cold or wind.
  16. I have a pair of Ixon textile pants with armour in the knees, but it's so uncomfortable I've had to take it out. The armour's big and thick, but it doesn't have enough bends in it, so I can't bend my knees properly. If I was on a bigger bike it'd be ok because I could hold me legs straighter, but it's no good on the little Bandit.
  17. I just want something different that I can wear off the bike too. Another pair = more clothes YAY! :p
  18. Thats really really weird because I cannot notice the knee armor when riding. Maybe you got the wrong size or you legs are different to mine?