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'Draggin' Jeans Vs 'Shift' Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Beefcake, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I saw some 'Shift' jeans in the shop today, they look great, a lot better styled than Draggin jeans I reckonThey also have Kevlar lining, but not as thick as what is found in the Draggin jeans.

    Has anybody git a pair of these? What are your thoughts?

  2. I saw the shift jeans and liked the look. Only thing that worried me was the material panel near the bum instead of denim. looked kinda flimsy
  3. What about ICON motorcycle jeans?
  4. If in looking for 'fashionable' jeans you meant you like the looser style then consider why you're getting them, which i assume is for some protection. Draggins may not be the most stylish out there, but they're a tighter fit so less likely to move when you slide, and hence to keep the kevlar lining over what it's meant to be protecting.

    Either way though you may want to also consider some knee/shin armour to go with your jeans purchase, as it'll do much more than the kevlar if you take a fall.
  5. I'm also keen to hear peoples opinions on this, as I will probably buy a pair of shift ones this week.....not only for the look....they are $70odd cheaper than the draggins...
  6. The shift jeans seem to have more kevlar in them and its also woven in so you may not get as bad friction burns as you do with the draggins.
  7. Hey, I've had a pair of Shift Lodown's for a month or so now and I can't take the bloody things off! I haven't tried Draggins yet, so can't give you a comparison, but I can tell you they are very comfortable, feel sturdy, and make it hard for me to put normal jeans back on even when I'm not riding because anything else just feels UNDERengineered.. The elastic at the bike makes them a bit more flexible (perfect for the sports bike) and they also have a small elastic area near the crotch, which is also handy.. Sizing is reasonably accurate too (i wear a 32 normally and the 32 are a good fit, almost a tad big if anything.)

    Great value too @ $150.

    Hope that helps..

  8. Well, I tried both shift and draggins this arvo, and ended up going for the draggins....

    Normally i'm a size 30 in jeans......and was a 30 in the shifts, and a 32 in draggin. The size 30 draggins wouldn't even pull up the whole way.

    I did like the look of the shifts, and they were $40 cheaper, but I was a little concerned that the elastic area around the crotch may let too much wind in.....and chill the umm......area a little too much :grin:

    The kevlar knee protection area also was a bit lower in the shifts......so wasnt actually covering the top of my knee when my leg was straight.

    Being that I cant guarantee that my legs would be bent as i'm sliding up the road, I went for the tried and tested draggins ;)
  9. I have them and have been wearinging them a bit. I have not yet crash tested them yet, but I think they will be fine as they have a very similar material to my textile jackets sewn on the insides. I thought at first that would not be as confortable with the nylon/kevlar patches, but they are fine. Im yet to wash mine, that will be a real test for me.

    Ive had a pair of draggin cargos prior to this and was unable to crash test them either. but they were much thicker, almost a bit thick and bulky at times. The elastic in the crotch is good, dont have to worry about them splitting down the crotch like other pants do.

    So far I give them
    **** -comfort
    **** -design
    ***** -cost
    *** -estimated protection
  10. Hornee's all the way! :)
  11. :roll: typical girl in my presence... its embarrassing :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: No I Have a pair of draggins and i rate the quite highly.. I wont give them a test slide anytime soon but they appear very rugged which is reassuring.
  12. Yes Wardie- I only bought them to wear in your almighty presence. :wink: :grin:
  13. spank you for your efforts... :wink:
  14. Good to see that draggins have finally got some real competition around. It might make them have a look at their styles and update them, not to mention, a little competition helps drive down the prices. :)
  15. Maybe a little late for the buying advice, but if anyone else is thinking about a similar purchase, it might be worth contacting Walden Miller in Adelaide.

    They don't seem to advertise them on their website, but the make kevlar lined pants from a very tight waxed cotton weave in black or blue IIRC. Probably not as funky as some of the jeans getting about but they do look very neat.

    They do get to different bike events on occasion but are based in Adelaide - really good customer service and if you are in Adelaide they can do custom work too.

    I have a pair of black pants for about 8 months that have not had to sustain a spill, but seem to be very well put together, and very wind/water resistant. One thing I can't tell you is the price, as they were a gift! Think they woudl have been in the sub - $200 category though.
  16. i firmly endorse draggin jeans they saved my arse twice. not a hole or scratch in them great. not major stacks but if i was wearing jeans probably would have ended up with some road rash.

    i just picked up a pair about a month ago and they are literaly the only pants i wear riding or note
  17. Draggins are gonna be so hot in summer for SEQ so I'm thinking I will have to add maybe some steel jeans of some kind for my summer apparel - like the RJays.
  18. For style go the Shift jeans

    For protection go the draggins

    I've personally crash tested both at similar speeds possibly lower speed with the Shift jeans and definitely faired better with the draggin cargos.



    After reading the label on the shift jeans there's only 6% kevlar 79%cotton and 15% Polyester. Still an extremely comfy and good looking pair of Jeans, just don't expect them to SAVE your skin in a crash.
  19. fark me. you knee looks pretty crap, Nee :cry:
    im really sorry about what happened mate :cry: