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Draggin Jeans Vs. other options?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by scooter, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. OK so like most I have been wearing Draggins now for the last few years, but quite frankly I am a bit over them.
    They are cold in winter, take ages to dry, where the kevlar is, if you happen to get wet, shrink after you wash them (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) and I have lost skin from the kevlar over the knees.

    So I am looking for another alternative, besides leather because leather is as obnoxios for as many different reasons.

    What I have been thinking is it would be great to be able to buy something stylish, and that fits well in cordura or the like, which most definately doesn't leave you looking like the Michelin man. Does such a product exist? In a style not unlike jeans?

    I guess the other alternative would be a denim (or cordura) jean with leather over the impact areas, but then cleaning them may be an issue. ( you get a lot of bug shit below the knees this time of year on a naked bike)

    The main problem with the dririder type trousers is the bulkyness which although bearable on a tour is not satisfactory for shorter rides and definately a pain the arse at your destination if you are doing much walking around.

    I would be interested to hear others thoughts on this, one and all appreciated.

  2. I might add that back in the eighties, wax cottons were all the rage (a bit like draggins are now) so I purchased a pair to use when I rode my VT250 to Queensland, michelin man gear if ever there was.
    That pair of pants sat in the wardrobe of every house that I lived in for the next 10 years and then when I did use them they had perished.
    I didn't know this when I rode of to Phillip island in 97 and spent the rest of the weekend holding them together with 100mph tape.

    So the point is I guess, I wonder whether Draggins although popular now will be forgotten about in the near future as a different product comes to the fore as with what happened with wax cottons and cordura?
  3. I think you are wanting something that doesn't exist, try the new traffic jeans from Draggin, not as bulky as all the others.
    Also there is heaps of other treads about this subject
  4. You could get a tight fitting pair of leather pants and clad them in a trendy pair of jeans perhaps?
  5. Ah, Belstaffs, and the fragrant aroma of waxed cotton!!

    Why don't you have a chat with people like draggins and at underdog and outline you requirements, they might be interested in some custom stuff, and if you need it, chances are lots of other people might too.....
  6. I started with a pair of Draggin Cargos - but also found them too cold for winter. Now have a pair of dririder-type, apart from the warmth find them more 'secure' whilst riding (armoured, etc). Avoided wearing them if I was spending time off the bike - but have since taken out the cotton lining & just wear 'normal' pants underneath - so can easily slip them off when socialising & back on when riding :D
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  8. I using the Draggin cargos. Not as high pant as the jeans.

    You can still get the dri-rider style pants. Not in wax cotton these day, but rather the latest wanktext material.

    Some of the leather ones are better then the others.

    Try Quin. I think they will make to fit and their styles are a bit different.
  9. I don't understand why chaps went out of fashion.

    You've got your normal jeans on, then you just buckle on some leather over the top and voila, you're protected. Get to your destination, undo a couple of buckle and you're back in your normal jeans again...

    I say we bring back the leather chaps!! Now that Mardi Gras isn't cool anymore there's prolly heaps going cheap on Ebay...
  10. I just looked at a couple of those pants. What's "Ballistic Nylon"? The new waxed cotton?
  11. Indeed, what Netrider needs is more leather chaps. In fact just more of any sort of chaps :LOL:

    (sorry, it was too good to pass up!!!)
  12. I don't know how leather chaps came to be associated with motorcycling. Denim jeans with leather chaps over them is a questionable look. All you need is a friend in the police, a friend in construction, and a friend who is a native American Indian and you have a band!
  13. It's when you stop wearing the jeans that it becomes a real worry
  14. What about Hemp pants? Hemp is very durable, lightweight (but might still be cold in winter) and looks pretty fashionable I think. But I'm not sure about its availability nowadays, and like Draggin Jeans, are quite expensive.

    Good luck finding what you're after.
  15. As xxsteve said I am probably looking for something that doesn't exist yet, even though there are a lot of options alraedy available.
  16. Gudday all

    I too am looking for the "pants panacea", am also thinking that they probably don't exist. However, following on from Scrambler's pointer (thanks), check these out - could it be that they satisfy the widest range of user requirements (warmth, strength, style etc)?

    Only problem is getting them into Australia AND choosing the right size without trying them on??? Maybe there is an Aussie importer somewhere?

    Icon Barrier Pants

    Barrier Pants Features:
    Innovative protection, top quality materials, and a refined Icon fit.
    The Barrier Pant represent a new thought process for cool weather riding pants.
    As comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, but with innovative features built for motorcycle use.
    The Barrier Pants are fully lined with a top quality insulation/wind-stopping material.
    Couple that with an Aramid reinforced padded knee and you have jeans built for the street.

    More details:


    Hope this helps. I will post details if I actually try them, if anyone else gets em in, please tell us all.

    madMike (Kwa-irky)
  17. Update on the Icon Barrier Pants above:

    These guys are even cheaper than the US$90 at Ridegear, at only US$78!!


    However, you have to submit your email address to access their "deep" discount price area.

    madMike (Kwa-irky)
  18. He's partial to a pair of leather chaps around his knees :LOL:

    (with apologies to The Goodies) :p
  19. You can buy them new here. Seriously though the leather jeans are the same price as a pair of Draggins but offer a lot more protection, also not that uncomfortable once you get used to them (can take the knee armour inserts out).