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Draggin Jeans Vs Icon Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by 1kmodem, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    As topic states, I would like to know the pro's and con's between Draggin Jeans and Icon jeans. I know Draggins have kelvar and Icons dont, does that make it unsafer? Icons have double layers... I have leathers but sometimes just prefer to wear jeans...

    Thanks for your comments :)

  2. I dont know about Icon's but I have Draggin jeans and have come off at 80km/h and they have protected my skin completely, they have a small 10cent piece size scuff and I still wear them.
  3. Bit of a noob here but I will take a stab...I believe the Draggin Jeans would work better due to the layer of Kevlar which has a good resistants against abrasion. If the Icon Jeans only have 2 layers of jeans, then you would still have protection...but not as much as Kevlar layered jeans.

    I was told Jeans can fall apart easily when you fall off a bike and therefore have minimal protection against bitumen burn. So I think a layer of Kevlar is better then having 2 layers of jeans...IMO.

    phong =P~
  4. Ive got some draggin jeans, (actually they are a pair of cargo pants) and they are really comfortable, and i feel that the double layer of denim would be warmer than the kevlar. And they do have quite alot of kevlar in them. all down the backside, down the legs at the top of the legs and everywhere youd need.

  5. I'd definately go the kevlar route. The durability of jeans in a slide is negligible- not much better than being naked.

    Some people say that the kevlar is hot/itchy though this may be something you have to find out for yourself.
  6. I've got a pair of the Draggin cargos and haven't found them to be itchy or excessivly hot. They were comfortable on a ride btwn central Vic and Sydney last year.
    My only prob with them is that the legs can catch on the pegs of you don't watch it getting off the bike. Perhaps I've just got skinny ankles.

    Thankfully, I've never had to test their bitumen resistance, however there are loads of testimonials on the Draggin website. Some funny, some scary!
  7. :shock:

    i was under the impression the Icon Hooligans im currently wearing were kevlar reinforced similar to Draggin's, but it was mixed in with the material, like a 50% blend, hence the half yellow look on the inside. unlike the two separate materials sewn together as in Draggins...

    eeeep, need to get this worked out.

    anyway, im loving my Icons, theyre comfy as anything, plenty of length to cover the boot when sitting, fit well, ad the zip-up pockets are awesome, never lose my keys/wallet etc.

    the draggins tend to be a bit tighter on the waist, pockets arent that big, but if what i just read is true, they would no doubt hold up better in a crash i think....

    its up to u i spose, try em on both, n see what u think!
  8. I have Icon, anthem jeans. They have a kevlar or (aramid) protective layer, which I think is larger than the one in draggins. Also the areas not protected by kevlar, are double denim. Believe me these things are heavy.

    The reason I bought the Icon jeans, is because draggins don't fit my legs. The Icons had a hell of alot more room. They also have massive rear pockets for your wallet, so you don't loose it. :)

    Haven't had an off in them though, so can't comment on durability.
  9. I bought a pair of Shift Kelvar Jeans recently - I like the fit, which is baggy compared with the Draggins. Has Kelvar in knee and bum areas, but misses out on down side like the Draggins.

    They were $149 from PS.
  10. Oh by the way "Kevlar" is a brand name, Aramid refers to a combination of Kevlar type materials, and in engineering terms it would usually have a layer or carbon fibre as well. (Normally used for aircraft wing construction and such) however I would think that the Aramid in the Icon jeans is purely an Aramid fibre, so basically the same as Kevlar.
  11. Draggins are a bit daggy, have a look at the hornee jeans. They are more for the younger hip crowd.

    yes, I wear draggins. :oops: :oops:
  12. Thanks all for your inputs, before i posted this topic I was leaning more towards draggins, seeing that most people think they are tight, I ordered a pair of icons they seem to be abit more baggy.
    I've tried on draggins but just walking about not riding it seemed ok. my friends got a pair of icons they look comfy too. Good to hear that Icons Aramid is the same as kelvar or almost....

    Cheers guys :grin: